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Obesity in its simplest definition is the excessive accumulation of body fats or having a Body Mass Index (BMI ) of 30 or higher . It is the most common nutritional disease in the industrialized country that posts an important public health concern . In the United States , obesity is the second actual cause of death , nearly one third of the adults are obese and percentage of overweight in children has doubled in two decades . The age , sex , genetic make up and environmental factors all contribute to obesity . Obesity is associated to several diseases [banner_entry_middle]

like hypertension diabetes , cardiovascular disease and even cancer . Being a risk factor to a more serious health dis , prevention of obesity is still the most cost effective way of reducing the morbidity and mortality caused by this condition . Health care policies should be implemented with the support of the government

The first policy requires the cooperation of the food industry since quality and quantity of food contribute a lot to obesity . As food manufacturers encourage people to buy their products by promotions packaging and low pricing , they invite them to eat more . With the help of the government , regulation on proper food labeling should be implemented . Product information should be written in simple language and in a readable form so that consumers will be informed of the nutritional or caloric value of the product . Food advertisements of junk food should also be limited since all ages nowadays have access to mass media . The government should also implement the prohibition of the sale of junk food in school instead , encourage school personnel to provide food assistance to their students . The government can also subsidize the cost of low-calories nutritious foods and raise the cost of high-calories , low-nutrient foods (Nestle and Jacobson 2000 . The second policy involves the transportation and community development . One of the causes of obesity is the imbalance of food intake with the physical exertion of the individual and sedentary lifestyle . To increase the physical activity of the people , the government should provide funding for the rehabilitation of the roads , providing pedestrians for the cyclists or bicycle paths , safe side walks , recreation centers and parks . Motor vehicle-free roads should be assured for the safety of the people . Recreational centers and parks should be appropriate where people can engage into sports and other recreational activities . In this way , people would be encouraged into a more active lifestyle that could promote weight loss , consequently increasing the cardiorespiratory fitness

The last policy is the national campaign on obesity prevention . The government should support an annual health summit that supports public and private sectors to initiate programs that emphasize the practices that could affect the health of the people . This regular program could offer training for health care providers for proper health education dissemination thus enlighten the people about proper practice for healthy living . This would also be the best way to announce the government ‘s plan , proposed legislations and future activities to a more healthy living . For instance , in a… [banner_entry_footer]

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