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Observation Analysis

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The Use of Popular Culture Figures in Advertising

The use of Culturally Popular Figures in television , magazines , and commercials and most other widely viewed mediums has become a multi-billion dollar industry constantly growing in appeal dating back to the days of the printing press . Advertisements in commercials can be considered one of the broadest forms of mass communication available today . It permits those companies with the right resources and abilities to have their products and services seen by a targeted audience . To take this a step further if they know who will [banner_entry_middle]

be buying their products the advertisers can actually have the commercial aired during a television show that their select demographic would most likely be viewing at that point in time

I was watching the New England Patriots play for the past couple of weeks , and noticed that many of the commercials aired featured products and services that I would personally be interested in or that I was already using . One in particular that stood out for me was a Gatorade commercial featuring several Sports Superstars that airs quite often during these events . There are very subtle societal , cultural , and generational references throughout the commercial that appeal to the targeted audience viewing the advertisement

It all begins in an urban driveway with a unique spin of having kids between the ages of 6 and 10 pretending to be a select group of sports all stars , ranging from Football , Basketball , Baseball and , Softball Their seems to be a playful jingle lightly playing in the background through out the entire commercial which is reminiscent of old timely jazz music that you might hear while waiting in a barbershop in the mid 30 ‘s . In this adaptation they actually had the heads of the sports stars placed on the bodies children with the children ‘s voices as they played It was obvious that these kids were pretending to be their favorite sports icons , but they were still dressed in play clothes . The commercial gives the impression of summer time as it was bright outside the leaves are green , and it looks as if dusk was approaching insinuating that they may have been playing all day long . This familiar connection is fairly universal in American Culture , when children from the neighborhood would play together and use their imaginations , and make activities that much more interesting . It seems that this type of setting cab be found in most communities throughout the country

In the first scene Dwayne Wade , one of the Most Valuable Players and a NBA Playoff Champion from this past season , and Kevin Garnett another basketball superstar were playing basketball in a beat up driveway with an old dirty green car parked behind them in the distance . Wade hits a shot on a worn down basketball hoop with the paint pealing off of the aged backboard and playfully says All day baby , all day ‘ mocking Kevin Garnett ‘s defensive abilities . It ‘s interesting how they chose to have defending NBA champion come… [banner_entry_footer]

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