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Omega 3 Fatty Acids

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Understanding omega-3 ‘s ?-linolenic acid (ALA . The delta-6-desaturase enzyme in vivo converts ?-linolenic acid into EPA and subsequently to DHA . Further metabolism of these products yields eicosanoids , the subject of interest

Eicosanoids (thromboxane , leukotrienes , prostaglandins ) derived from omega-3 ‘s have an anti-inflammatory and anti-aggretory effect . These properties account for the cardioprotective effects of omega-3 ‘s since inflammation is one of the basic factors behind atheroma formation and plaque rupture . Studies have confirmed the dietary intake of omega-3 ‘s to be inversely proportional to the inflammatory markers C-reactive protein , IL-6 , E-selectin , soluble intercellular [banner_entry_middle]

adhesion molecule 1 and soluble vascular cell adhesion molecule 1 . Another study revealed an inverse relationship between EPA DHA intake and soluble tumor necrosis factors

Omega-3 consumption has been shown to be inversely proportional to CVD , especially sudden cardiac death . The reduction of sudden cardiac death in people who consumed fish once a week was more (52 ) than those who ate fish less than once a month . However , no relationship between omega-3 consumption and non-sudden death , myocardial infarction , or CVD mortality has yet been established . Although studies have been focused on the effects of EPA DHA , the 4 prospective randomized trials discussed in the article suggest that the effect of ALA is not much different However , further studies need to be conducted to verify the details in metabolism of ALA to eicosanoids . This knowledge may be important in knowing the extent and limitations of the process , and the limiting factors if any

Use of omega-3 has not been reported to cause any life-threatening illnesses or deaths . However , some gastrointestinal problems have been reported in a minute fraction of subjects . Presence of traces of mercury or methyl mercury in fish poses risk of mercury poisoning . However while the FDA recommends pregnant women , nursing mothers and young children to avoid eating fish with high mercury content , it allows adults one serving (7 oz ) per week consumption of fish containing 1ppm mercury . Some studies suggest role of ALA in prostrate cancer Although such a link has not fully been established , it is safer to chose fish oil when implementing omega-3 supplementation in men

The American Heart Association recommends that the patients without known CVD should maintain a diet rich in ALA and eat a variety of fish twice a week . Patients with known CVD should consume at least 1 g /d EPA DHA (3 g /d of fish oil (Table III








fish at least once a week , since I have a family history of CVD .Reference

DeFilipis , Andrew

, Sperling , Lawrence S . Understanding omega-3 ‘s Am . Heart J . 2006 151 :564-70… [banner_entry_footer]

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