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A Discussion on Professionalism

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Profession , in most cases , defines the status and the role of a person in the society , thus , it can be considered as an issue of influence in the society . Profession can be characterized as a career or line of work that necessitate mastery , preparation and education . The definition covers the different forms of occupation may it be academic corporate and health care but the original connotation of the term defined the religious career (Brown , 1992 p [banner_entry_middle]

One of the most important professions is the nursing profession that belongs to the health care field of career . A query on nursing being a profession often arises , thus , certain conditions can determine the state of standardization of nursing as a career . Based on the measure of profession as presented by the Nurse Week Online a profession constitutes an organized knowledge that continuously increases in data and information through continuous research and development . Another condition is the fact that practice of the certain line of work requires expertise . One of the most important factors in the consideration of a profession is the presence of a code of ethics that guides the practice and the requirement for professional growth of the practitioners (Bradley , 2000 . On the basis of these conditions , nursing can be considered as one of the medical and healthcare profession as though sometimes viewed informally by a part of the population

In relation to the criteria that serve as the foundation of the nursing profession , even the nursing students are required to follow the norms of conduct of the profession . In this case , the different responsibilities of the nurses that mandated to follow the professional roles in congruence to the society in a synergy of the multicultural environment both of ethics and medical perception (Johnstone , 1999

Primarily , the practice of the nursing requires the learning and application of the specified and independent theory that governs the system and categorically utilized for the field . The role of the nursing students can be mainly defined as the duty to attain the mastery of the practice comparable to the professionals themselves . Another responsibility of the future nurses is the expansion of the knowledge on the basis of the research process through systematic method . Due to the fact that nursing requires expertise , a higher level of comprehension and familiarity prior to practice is a requirement . Another important duty of the student nurses is the assistance and care given to the patients . The norms relating to ethical practice and vocation are still included in the responsibilities that are inculcated to the nursing students . Lastly , a nursing student need to learn to value the relationship with the other members of the profession to be able to allow growth both on the professional and the interpersonal growth of every individual allowing for a cohesive development within the group (Bradley , 2000 Pavalko , 1971

The dedication of the nursing students and the professional nurses are often put to test… [banner_entry_footer]

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