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One L: The Turbulent True Story of a First Year at Harvard Law School

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One L : The Turbulent True Story of a First Year at Harvard Law School

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One L is the first attempt at non fiction writing by Scott Turrow , an attorney by profession and a best selling novelist . Mr . He graduated from Harvard Law School and He has been a partner in the Chicago office of Sonnenschein Nath Rosenthal , a national law firm , since 1986 Turrow has won multiple awards for his writings including the Heartland Prize in 2003 For Reversible Errors [banner_entry_middle]

‘ and the Robert F . Kennedy award in 2004 for Ultimate punishment . He is best known for his second non fictional work The Ultimate Punishment ‘ in which he discusses the death penalty . He is currently a Member of Illinois ‘ Executive Ethics Commission . Turrow ‘s fictional work is widely popular and although he confines his writing only to the murder mystery genre his work is commendable . Turrow ‘s reasons for finding this genre the most captivating are simple he says Only in the mystery novel are we delivered final and unquestionable solutions . The joke to me is that fiction gives you a truth that reality can ‘t deliver (Scott Turrow 2001


Turrow in his book One L gives an account of what a first year law student goes through . Scott Turrow interprets the authenticity of the life of law students ubiquitously . He describes an array of situations beginning of course with the excitement of being accepted into an Ivy League school , Harvard Law the most prestigious law school in the country . Mr . Turrow attended law school in the 70 ‘s but he manages to narrate his story in a manner that seems enduring enough to keep a reader captivated all through the book he gets a tad dramatic at times giving details about everything one might experience in the first year of law college from the unusual kinds of students to the remarkable teachers , the stress the pressure even some horrific accounts about the way students are treated by the professors . It is common knowledge that Teachers in most law schools use the Socratic method of teaching which apparently comes as a surprise to Turrow The first year law students have to study the law of contracts , torts and criminal law . Monday Tuesday , Wednesday , the mornings we have Contracts . I ‘m nearly sick to my stomach . I can ‘t believe it , but I think about that class and I get ill ” writes turrow . As a common practice in colleges Turrow write about his study group . He also has ideas for improving the system and the overall experience of the first year law students . He suggests brief writing , research , courtroom technique , document drafting negotiation , client counseling , and the paramount task of gathering the facts ” Mr . Turow ‘s study of the other students also appears rather outward and small-minded . The students are basically stereotyped into the achievers , the complainers “intellectuals ” but who , in reality , are no more intellectual than a kindergartener with… [banner_entry_footer]

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