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Only # 57 Should Recive It.

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Influences for Applying to the Syracuse University

As I stand on the threshold of applying for a University course , there is a sense of enormous thrill , excitement , enthusiasm and anticipation University education is an experience of a life time . Thus it is essential that one seeks admission in a University that perfectly mirrors ones aspirations and leads to attainment of vocational as well as academic objectives . As a resident of New York State , I am intimately involved with its culture as denoted in all aspects of life of this great city , but [banner_entry_middle]

particularly in its architecture . I feel I can best contribute to my city by designing and planning its contours as fine arts and architecture have been my passion over the years . The best course in architecture in New York State is provided by Syracuse University . Located in New York State yet Syracuse has a distinctive ambience . Rated as one of the top twenty five medium size cities in America it has an ideal academic environment away from the hullabaloo of New York . It is one of the oldest Universities hence it has an old World ambience , yet it is modern in its approach and provides state of the art facilities for students . Syracuse thus provides the best environment for learning architecture

The University ‘s motto I believe says it all for a student of architecture , scholarship in action . Architecture is best discovered as a process of action , it is a creative field developed through observation and inference . Architecture should create an impact , it has to be done with a vision , for buildings should last millennia and then finally architecture needs to hold promise . The Syracuse University has all that a budding architect hopes to achieve . The concept of a creative campus is also well suited for learning architecture which has a high component of inventiveness . The strength , vision and commitment of the faculty of architecture in the University also drive me to seek admission here . The program of the School I believe will provide me ideal training for becoming a complete architect as it covers the aesthetic , environmental , social , historical , technical , and methodological aspects in this challenging field

My academic and career aspirations

I have been inspired by architecture over the years , it has been my passion . Architecture I believe combines rhythm , shape and form logically , it provides a vision of how we should live in this world and it builds character and provides a sense of history

I want to be an architect who builds for sustainability , for posterity and for serving both nature and man , through logic , idealism intuitiveness , consciousness and activism . Achieving a symbiosis between the historical and the modern , the material and the environment is what I aspire for in my career . I want to be a creative leader in the field of architectural design meshing in tradition with modernity , retaining a sense of history , blending with the environment , to use technology to advantage in creating an ambience of opulence without sacrificing the purity… [banner_entry_footer]

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