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Language is a key to freedom . Helen Keller who was blind , deaf , and mute was frustrated by her inability to communicate . Annie Sullivan , Helen ‘s governess tried to teach her to express herself by finger-spelling words that she used in daily life , such as water , mug , walk , talk etc . But mere spelling by rote did not evoke any understanding in Helen

The breakthrough in communication happened on the day Annie took Helen for a walk to the well house , where she placed Helen ‘s hand under the water coming from the pump and [banner_entry_middle]

spelled W-A-T-E-R in her palm . Helen suddenly realized that the cool liquid coming from the pump was water This was how the mystery of language was revealed to ‘ Helen who says That living word awakened my soul , gave it light , hope , joy , set it free

Helen who had no emotional reaction to breaking a doll presented to her by Annie preceding her epiphany felt repentance and sorrow ‘ when she realized what she had done . Understanding brought Helen to a higher emotional and spiritual plane that alleviated the darkness of her soul

Everyone seeks such an experience , the understanding that illuminates their minds and hearts . Some are fortunate to discover it by themselves while others seek it all their lives . Most often an inspired teacher who is committed to maximizing a student ‘s potential is the catalyst to this life-altering experience . Helen Keller was fortunate that Language came into her life , as a beacon of light , through the genius of her teacher

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