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opinion journal

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Opinion Journal

Edwin Bliss wrote the article entitled `Managing Your Time . This article includes various tips for the efficient time management which is important in the present day competitive world (Bliss , 1998

The author believes that time management of an individual is important to achieve success in one ‘s life . The author provides daily life examples to support his ideas regarding time management . The main idea is to do all the activities at an appropriate time . The author says that our schedule should begin with proper planning . One should also take [banner_entry_middle]

breaks in the busy work schedule . For example one can go for walk or do some other physical activities or one can take rest which is also important in time management . We should organize the s on the desk on priority basis . Although it is desirable to look for excellence , one should not try to be perfectionist particularly in trivial matters . We should not accept any work which does not contribute to our goals Hence , we should not be afraid of saying no to a particular work . By saying no , it is possible to improve our self-esteem . Bliss also says that one should not postpone even the unpleasant activities as it will increase the burden of work . Procrastination affects self-esteem because one tends to fail to achieve the goal and this affects the self-confidence of the individual . One should not indulge in any activity which can be considered as a waste of time as it does not contribute to the achievement of personal goals . Lastly , the author says that one should define one ‘s priorities and one should not give too much importance to work . I find that time management techniques such as `plan , `concentration ‘ and `don ‘t procrastinate ‘ are the most useful methods of time management . By reducing the time wasting activities and avoiding clutter it is possible to improve time management system Concentration is important in time management because it is possible to finish a work only when we concentrate for particular uninterrupted time


Bliss , Edwin (1998 . Managing Your Time , The College Success Reader , Houghton Miffin , retrieved online on 29-10-2005 from



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