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Organized Crime

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Running head : ORGANIZED CRIME

Organized Crime

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September 28 , 2006


The article starts with a definition of Organized Crime followed by advantage due to politicians ‘ nexus with Organized Crime gangs . Impact of organized crime on the legitimate business followed by connections of Kennedy , Nixon and Reagan with organized criminal gangs

Organized Crime

According to Harasymiw Organized Crime as defined by Feiler is the planned [commission] of criminal offences , motivated by the pursuit of profit and the striving for power , which have substantial relevance [banner_entry_middle]

individually or in their entirety if more than two parties collaborate in a division of labor over a longer or indefinite period

Using commercial or businesslike structures

Using violence or other means likely to intimidate , or

Exerting influence on politics , media , public administration , the judiciary or the economy

Crime Library stated that organized crime had connections with politicians as early as 1920s James J . Hines the Democratic Party boss from Manhattan had strong links with Tammany Hall and the then mobster Dutch ‘ Schultz also known as Beer Baron ‘ Schultz controlled the production and distribution of liquor in an era when prohibition was in force . Schultz along with his fellow gangsters was prompted to take over Harlem ‘s number racket with the help of the information passed on by James J . Hines . This establishes a clear link between politics and organized crime

Harasymiw stated that politicians may utilize the criminals and discard them when they are of no further use or the criminals may use their connections with politicians for protecting and enriching themselves Whereas , in elite-exploitation ‘ model of organized crime politicians control and exploit organized crime from the top and use it as a source of hard currency , investment and development funds , campaign financing and personal enrichment ‘ The nexus between politicians and criminals has impact in five ways on the governance i .e

Monopoly of coercion

Administration of justice

Administrative capacity

Provision of minimum public goods

Conflict management

According to Woodiwiss , Banks help in converting the money gained through organized crime to legitimate , untraceable and useful . This would make the money idle and thus most of the entrepreneurs invest in legitimate businesses making organized crime a source of capital investment

Goldfarb stated that John F . Kennedy ‘s elder brother Joseph Kennedy earned a fortune from his connections with mobsters in the Prohibition period and reportedly maintained links them . Later FBI Director , J Edgar Hoover stated in his biography that Frank Sinatra a staunch supporter of Kennedy had sought and obtained the help of organized crime figure , Sam Giancana in the Illinois campaign in 1960 election . At the behest of Joseph Kennedy , Sam Giancana had helped raised funds for John F . Kennedy ‘s primary campaign in the crucial West Virginia

Fulsom stated that president of Teamster union Jimmy Hoffa along with two million member union supported Richard Nixon against John F . Kennedy in the 1960 presidential election . Jimmy Hoffa and Carlos Marcello secretly funded for the campaigning of Nixon . President Nixon neither consulted the judge… [banner_entry_footer]

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