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Organized Crime

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Organized Crime

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Ever since the time that human beings began living in any form of community setting , it is likely that organized crime , albeit in a primitive form , was born . Today , organized crime is quite different than the stereotyped mobster of the days of Al Capone . With this evolution in mind , this essay will answer various questions about the modern face of organized crime

Why Does Organized Crime Still Exist

Organized crime still exists today for a variety of reasons , especially when [banner_entry_middle]

the development of the modern world is taken into account . First on the most basic level , the classic organized crime organizations still serve a vital function in every corner of the world as a means of managing drug trafficking , illegal gambling , prostitution and many more typical vices that represent profitable opportunities for the criminal enterprise

The complex nature of the political , technological , and economic world in the 21st century also lends itself very well to the proliferation of organized crime . For instance , the many global terrorist groups that are active at the present time are very well run organized crime groups (Washington Times , 2003 . Technology , and its link to international commerce has also fostered present day organized crime in a far cry from the days of Murder Incorporated , organized criminals today often use the Internet and related devices to commit what is called transactional crime , such as bank fraud , embezzlement , stock market swindles , and more (Punch , 2005 What are the Roles of Various Law Enforcement Agencies in Fighting Organized Crime

Traditionally , the various law enforcement agencies served the purpose of protecting the common good and to promote common decency by eradicating the vice and corruption that organized crime fueled . In most cases of localized organized crime , local or state police agencies were able to keep organized crime in check in the extreme cases when organized crime was international in nature , world police organizations such as Interpol and the FBI got involved . Presently , however , due to the globally terroristic nature of organized crime , which represents as much of a threat to global security as it does to the quality of everyday life , organized crime has been challenged by the armed forces of the nations of the world (Olson , 1995 . In these circumstances world leaders have formed crime fighting alliances to act as a global police force to bring international organized criminals to justice (Fighting Organized Crime , 2000

What are the Challenges with Undercover Investigations in Organized Crime and the Use of Informants to Prosecute Organized Crime Figures

Undercover investigation , due to its very nature , poses its own unique challenges the need for the undercover officer to maintain his or her assumed identity , effectively infiltrate criminal groups , and bring criminals to justice is perilous to say the least . When undercover investigation is employed in organized crime , a whole new realm of challenge and danger surfaces . To begin with , organized crime groups are typically tightly knit , making the introduction of a new person… [banner_entry_footer]

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