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Outline and discuss the processes involved in social science.

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The Process Involved in Social Science Research

There is a raging debate going on in the circles of social scientists The different theorists and commentators are arguing about the impact of information technology in the lives of all men and women . In fact social scientists are no longer merely commenting about the importance of information technology but they are already moving ahead with the idea that social change is already reaching epoch defining levels . This means that the kind of technology mankind possesses right now is the in the same level that [banner_entry_middle]

transformed societies from the agriculture age to the industrial age and to the modern times

The excitement lies in the ability to properly analayse information and research in to correctly predict what will happen and most importantly help in preparing human society of the outcome of this massive change

There are many outstanding works in this field . But there is that combines a thorough scholarship regarding the subject matter and a display of excellent research skills in the area of sociology than Reynolds and Mackay ‘s tome , Investigating the Information Society

In the Reynolds and Mackay ‘s study of the overwhelming deluge of information technology and the way humans had embraced high-tech ‘ and novel gadgets , they came to the conclusion that numbers is not the only issue here but something more important and they assert

This is not simply a question of volume . The interaction surrounding these media , technologies and activities occupy a major part of our daily lives , and our identities come to be constructed by , and expressed through what we consume [ .] In the process , it is argued , we are witnessing the reing of the social structure : power and status is being distributed in new ways , with new winners and losers

The ideas , arguments and conclusions made by Reynolds and Mackay are examples of the ability to sift through a complicated and ever changing source of data . The question that needs to be asked is , What are the processes involved in doing research in the field of sociology in general and social science in particular ‘ In other words what are the steps , methods and processes that a researcher should keep in mind in to construct valid statements when dealing with theories and concepts in social sciences

Processes Involved in Social Science Research

Arguing with Facts

Reynolds and Mackay gave hints on why some who gave their analysis about the “Information Society ” can sometimes fall off the mark even though most of their arguments may seem to be brilliant and they explain “There is no shortage of commentators – including politicians journalists and futurists [ .] Some of their arguments are forceful and provocative , and they commonly invoke data (emphasis added ) to illustrate or sustain their conclusions (2003 ,

.2 . Thus , it is clear that many who will go to a debate , do so without consistently using facts borne out of good solid research

In contrast this is what Reynolds and Mackay has to… [banner_entry_footer]

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