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PASSING by Nella Larsen

Racial discrimination was a big factor during the late 1930 ‘s . Up until now , there are still some instances where race makes it all different for a person to become successful in his field . But this kind of treatment can be considered rampant compared few decades ago

In Nella Larsen ‘s book entitled PASSING showed what race can do to someone , in terms of physical , emotional , and psychological aspect of a person . It can have a positive or negative effect on it . Passing intensely concerned with racial identity [banner_entry_middle]

the 2 main characters of it were 2 women who were both African American , whom one of them abandoned her African American roots and embraced the white race . While the other one , has been able to embrace and accept her race

The concept of racial identity development may be a more prominent issue for ethnic minorities because of the physical manifestations such as the skin color of race can be allocated negative social values in society For an instance , African Americans are always forced to observe their racial status in several aspects of life such as at work or at school Thus , self worth for African Americans ‘ may be related with their evaluation of racial status considered as minority group member . Thus one of the crucial aspects of personality development of African Americans is racial identity . One needed to have a healthy sense of personal identity is to be appreciated and belonged to a group whom she will be accepted for who she is

One ‘s identity is formed with several factors including class , gender sexuality and race . As one of the main characters , who is a black individual adopts a new identity that encompasses both African heritage and American values and embraces the dominant white culture . Skin color can really make a huge impact on one ‘s life . Yes , white people are dominating a society , as to 6 to 10 ratio between black and white people . But that doesn ‘t mean they are more dominant than black . That doesn ‘t mean they can do whatever they wanted to . That doesn ‘t mean they are stronger and powerful . But that ‘s the reality , that ‘s the real world we live in where we have brought up in a wrong notion that African American is different . And being black ‘ is an obstacle endured

The novel presented a very dramatic way of what African American undergoes certain difficulties in to pass ‘ as white people Passing , literally means go by ‘ or go beyond ‘ and that was one of the main character successfully did , to pass as one of the white people ‘ because of her light colored skin tone , but her true heritage and identity is really African American . Beyond the literal meaning of passing , it did more than that to one of the main characters in the book , she did successfully passed being one of the white race but that doesn ‘t mean she already belongs to that race… [banner_entry_footer]

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