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Patient`s Bill of Rights

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p Patient ‘s Bill of Rights

Consumers of health care are demanding to be allowed to make more decisions about treatment , elective surgery and medication . They are exercising their rights as outlines in the Patient ‘s Bill of Rights first adopted by the American Hospital Association in 1973 . This was later revised in October 1992 . The objective of establishing these rights was to support the interest of the patients in acquiring the most effective care . It is the duty of the health institutions to enlighten their patients on these rights and responsibilities [banner_entry_middle]

(Patient ‘s Bill of Rights

First and foremost of the Bill of Rights is that the patient has the right to considerate and respectful care ‘ In terms of this right , many health care providers , including nurses , find themselves in an ethical dilemma when confronted with the unknown . Every patient has the right to be treated with kindness and consideration even if the patient is afflicted with AIDS . It is important that nurses recognize conflicts between their personal feelings and their professional ethical duties After determining their personal philosophy of nursing , areas of potential ethical conflicts and the needs of the patient , the nurse must decide what actions to take . Sometimes the answer brings the nurse into conflict with other health care professionals , even in the operating room . Yet , in all health care settings – and for all health care professionals – the maintenance and promotion of quality patient care is an ethical mandate . And it is in this first right that a nurse ‘s real caliber is seen because he /she considers the patient as a unique human being , worthy of all the consideration and respect one can extend (Patient ‘s Bill of Rights

The second right is that the patient has the right and is encouraged to obtain from physicians and other direct caregivers relevant , current and understandable information about his or her diagnosis , treatment and prognosis ‘ Indeed , patients have the right to be given accurate and sufficient information about procedures , both major and minor , so that their consent to undergo those procedures is based on realistic expectations . Although the responsibility for imparting information about major surgery or complicated medical procedures lies with medical professionals , nurses should inform their patients , in terms the patients can understand , about even simple operating or nursing procedures before the procedures are started (Patient ‘s Bill of Rights

The third right states that Except in emergencies when the patient lacks the ability to make decisions and the need for treatment is urgent , the patient is entitled to a chance to discuss and request information related to the specific procedures and /or treatments available , the risks involved , the possible length of recovery , and the medically reasonable alternatives to existing treatments along with their accompanying risks and benefits ‘ In a way , this is related to the second right because it involves giving out of information . This also involves that the patient ‘s consent be given voluntarily , without coercion . If prior written , informed consent to perform a procedure… [banner_entry_footer]

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