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Performance-enhancing Drugs in Sports

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While the use of steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs offers tremendous enticements to athletes , its evil consequences far outweigh its alluring promises

That statement will no doubt unsettle many an athlete who hopes to gain such dazzling fame and prosperity as the use of these drugs seems to promise . Who , for instance , does not wish a sanitized copy of Ben Johnson ‘s popularity and stardom , his popularity and stardom minus the defamation he suffered upon exposure ? Who would not like to [banner_entry_middle]

be rise to success and prosperity within a few years of his or her profession as an athlete , win a gold medal for his or her college or nation , gain a scholarship , or outshine renowned athletic celebrities ? Athletic talents are celebrated everywhere , and no small privilege attaches to their name . The universal worship and idolization they enjoy is certainly enviable , and satisfies a significant portion of man ‘s proverbial longing for attention and power . Material success and wealth guaranteed ! These alluring considerations can be strong enough motivation , even compulsion , for upcoming athletes to secretly take to performance-enhancing drugs . Therefore , for practically every caution against the use of such drugs , there is a counter-argument that wishes to excuse and justify the use of these drugs . Such an argument is however , easily refutable with facts and enlightenment , the illogicality should stand out to any rational thinker

In this writing , caution ‘ against the use of drugs will be presented under three major factors . These will be put side by side the plausible counter-arguments that seek to argue in favor of the use of drugs . The factors are : Physiological set-backs , psychological set-backs , and defamation

A . PHYSIOLOGICAL SET-BACKS : There is abundant medical evidence that the use of performance-enhancing drugs , particularly anabolic steroids affects the human body adversely (Compton ‘s Interactive Encyclopedia 2004 . They are termed stimulants , a word which contains the suggestion that such drugs do stimulate ‘ the body system out of normal functioning , in to boost strength , resistance and endurance . But opponents might contend , Such stimulation of the body system out of normal functioning , along with the systemic dysfunction it causes , is indeed worthwhile sacrifices for the assets and benefits it promises the athlete

A brief consideration of the following will , however , readily render such a contention impotent (i ) Addictiveness : Performance-enhancing drugs , especially anabolic steroids (AS , are addictive (Kuipers , H . 1998 . The body systems of users , stimulated out of normal functioning , may in time develop a need ‘ and an appetite for them . With the continuous satisfaction of this appetite , there often comes an increase in bodily tolerance to the use of the drugs and a consequent demand for an increase in dosage . But taken in such excess , anabolic steroids will unavoidably lead to a long range of short and long-term health-and-life endangering consequences Is it not senseless , then , sacrificing the health of the body to enhance its strength , endurance and resistance (ii ) Bodily Suppression : Stimulants are known to hinder normal body functioning… [banner_entry_footer]

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