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Personal Case

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Personal Case


There was a judge sitting on his table facing on the convicted name Sally Clark . On the side of Sally , there was a man watching over her moves and as if guided Sally through his eyes on what Sally supposed to tell in front of the Judge . While on the other side nearby Sally , her attorney and with her family opposite sides to them was the group staff of BMJ . As the session started , the judge calls up the convicted to stand up and recite over her case p [banner_entry_middle]

Let it be I , as one of the observer during the trial session . I was supposed there setting looking up curiously to what had supposed to be happening during the trial court . I was surprised coz I thought the case is all about other case not that murdered about her very own children . I can site even myself just like Sally acting as a mother , but never in my history or even in my mind or feeling that I can kill my very own children . The case is so quite different to all other case of conviction

The Events

Sally Clark , a 34-year-old mother , was convicted in 1999 of the murder of her two sons Christopher , who died at the age of 11 weeks in December 1996 , and Harry , who died at the age of 8 weeks in January 1998 . Both the children had been previously healthy they died suddenly in her care , in the evening , at home . Postmortem examinations of both children showed multiple abnormal findings

After the verdict , the media reported the family ‘s claim that both children had died of cot death ‘ and that incorrect statistical evidence given at the trial had greatly underestimated the likelihood of recurrence of cot death . The BMJ published an editorial as deficient in its sources as it was sensational in its title . HYPERLINK “http /www .pubmedcentral .nih .gov /articlerender .fcgi ?artid 1121945 ” \l “B1 B1 ” 1 It was called Conviction by mathematical error ‘ and it ignored the fact that at the trial neither the defense nor any of the expert witnesses advanced the claim that the children ‘s deaths were examples of sudden infant death syndrome . The risk of recurrent sudden infant death syndrome was irrelevant to the conviction ( HYPERLINK “http /www .pubmedcentral .nih .gov /articlerender .fcgi ?artid 1121945 http /www .pubmedcentral .nih .gov /articlerender .fcgi ?artid 1121945

Identifying Summary Points

Sally Clark appealed against her conviction for murdering her two infant sons

Her appeal was partly based on a claim that misleading evidence was given about the likelihood of two cases of sudden infant death syndrome occurring in the same family

The BMJ published an editorial questioning the statistic and therefore the conviction

of the medical experts believed the two boys ‘ deaths were examples of sudden infant death syndrome

Statistics about the syndrome were therefore irrelevant to the case

The appeal court upheld the conviction

Looking at the summary , it seems Sally facing a very sad conviction… [banner_entry_footer]

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