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Personal Community Service experiece for an ethics course (senior level)

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Reflections of Community Involvement Introduction

Teaching is a noble profession since the school of thought began It is a skill that needs to be cultivated because it requires flexibility for teachers who are faced with different individuals everyday with their individual needs and thoughts . Time . Effort Insurmountable emotion is at stake

When I chose Clay High School (out of the 25 school choices ) for my 30-hour community involvement program , I only have one goal in mind : to successfully fulfill this program . However , when I met Connor and the rest of [banner_entry_middle]

the class , I have realized that my choice of community is special and requires special attention , time and effort . Interestingly my subject class is composed of five special individuals who have speech , attention , learning and physical limitations and I thought this was an easy task . Immediately , I made a resolution to strategize on how I can further contribute to these special individuals ‘ development . Like most beginners dilemma , stepping forward is always the hardest thing to do . My limited experiences in facilitating a tutorial class left me with critical questions

How will I start the academic discussion and hold their interests when I discuss

Am I an effective educator

For the first time , I realized that 30-hours can be really exhausting for me especially if I am left without brilliant ideas on how to hold the tutorial sessions . I realized as their facilitator , I play a big part for their progress no matter how brief 30-hour could be


What prompted one to be good to others and appear better in the public and in the community ? Is it not our motivation that drives us to perform our best practices whenever and wherever ? That is basically what Thomas Hobbes mean when he made an argument in his egotism theory that we are more focused with what others may think and view of us than how we see our own welfare and self-interests (Hobbes , T ,1994 . I see Hobbes ‘ thoughts on Mrs . Redden who is always there to teach her five special students and care givers like Jason who assists Connor (who has cerebral palsy ) 24 hours a day , seven days a week . These practices are but few examples of what Plato calls community building ‘ where mutual needs are met (Thornburg ,7

At first , I was so frustrated that I cannot hold the class attention when I was discussing academic lessons . My brief stay with my subjects appears to be longer than the usual because I felt that no matter what I do , I cannot have them focused on my teaching lessons perhaps due to my limited teaching experience or because of their physical limitations . Partly , I just thought of giving up all my efforts and achieve one goal : to finish the 30-hour required time for this subject

During the process , I learned that some of my students wants to be a carpenter , an electrical service crew or construction workers after graduation . They have a clear vision of what their future holds… [banner_entry_footer]

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