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Personality and Career Choice- Music Teacher

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Service in Music

He worked himself to death finally and precisely at 3 :00 a .m . Sunday morning (qtd . in Reinking : 482 . Ellen Goodman repeats this statement throughout her essay to express contradictory emotions of sympathy for Phil and sarcasm to the corporate world . Phil ‘s story makes us reflect about our attitude towards work . Why do we work ? When we get our dream job , will we have Phil ‘s dedication and loyalty in serving the institution we work for

People differ in their traits , aptitudes and abilities , and these differences [banner_entry_middle]

may affect how well an individual will perform on a job Organizational psychologists found that personality had a powerful influence on motivation and performance . Personality tests , exploring emotions , motives , interests , attitudes and values ‘ are used to forecast job compatibility and performance (Bootzin : 677

My chosen career as a music teacher entails extensive music knowledge and performance skills in at least one instrument or voice . Teachers encounter students from varied racial , ethnic , and religious backgrounds as well as options of teaching particular age brackets . They may experience stress in large classes , heavy workloads and old schools lacking modern facilities . Nevertheless , the protean task is rewarding when students exhibit understanding of the lesson . Administrative abilities are also necessary to maintain in resource use

I am attracted to being of service to others . As a music enthusiast , I feel that teaching music will allow me to attend to others ‘ needs and also enjoy my passion for music . Though , it was a surprise that teaching certificates and licenses , varying by state , and knowledge of national standards for music education are required by law for teaching music

Job openings for music teachers are better in inner cities and rural areas than suburban districts where facilities are sometimes outdated and pay is lower . Teaching music for self-enrichment is another track According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook of the Department of Labor , opportunities for part time occupations like these are growing as many opt to take second jobs . Self-enrichment classes require less time spent in school , giving teachers more flexibility for the price of security

As a teacher , I need to focus on lessons and be time efficient . I am comfortable with routine so it is not difficult to establish a systematic approach to deal with the lessons . Motivating students and creating a learning environment are tasks that challenge me . As s feeler , I am keen on others ‘ needs , thus it is natural for me to notice problems in the course of my lessons in class . I perceive things by understanding the details first . Perhaps , I can impart that to my students who have difficulty learning concepts . These are some of the things I can do to inspire and promote student independence

I am an introvert so I have to work extra hard to conquer my shyness and improve my interpersonal skills . A teacher must be able to communicate with students and be able to respond to unexpected challenges . An ideal teacher must display positive… [banner_entry_footer]

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