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The Need to Improve City Services

In Oak Park , Michigan

There is no place like home . That often repeated phrase is what most people will say when they realize how important and valuable their homes are . These include not only the specific address where one lives but also the city or community where he or she belongs to

The community where a person finds a home acts as a structure where life can be experienced to the fullest . The community serves as a system where people are able to interact . The community [banner_entry_middle]

also provides a networking of agencies and social groups that enables the flow of resources from one individual to the next

Most importantly the community provides a source of income because whenever a society is being formed the need for goods and services arises and this is what makes the community work like a living organism The creation of jobs will add fuel to the fire and this process of development will lead to one sure thing – it will lead back to what was asserted in the beginning – the experience of a good life

This essay will explain a particular way of improving the quality of life of the residents of Oak Park , Michigan by addressing a specific route which is the improvement of existing city services . The said clamor for improvement includes expanding current roster of services offered by the city government

Alan S . Berger in his study of communities made this assertion on what must be present in a normal urban setting and he said that the following must be present in a thriving community

Providing the goods and services that community members need : food housing , medical care , clothing , and all other goods and services including jobs , that are needed to support community life must be provided directly by the community or by other organizations [ .] there should be [ .] supermarkets , drugstores , clothing and other specialty stores , as well as professional service outlets . Roads and mass transportation facilities are also needed to move people and goods throughout the city (1978

An analysis of what Berger said would lead one to conclude that the most important action in his list is the provision of city services . The domino effect in the absence of basic services or its stagnation – by not keeping up with new trends or changes – will directly result in the failure of delivering goods and services to its residents

There are at least four major reasons why a city and its officials must strive hard to improve city services . These reasons are enumerated as follows : a ) the people are paying taxes b ) improving city services will improve the quality of life for the residents and c ) improving city services will bring progress and development to the city


Paying taxes is not a very fun thing to do . Parting with your hard-earned money at the end of the year is not an experience one looks forward to . The only thing that makes this… [banner_entry_footer]

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