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Persuasive Essay: Abortion

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3D1 br br br br br Re-process the without these 20 sources br br br br br br br br br br Text br br br br br [Name of 20 Writer][Name of 20 Writer][Name of 20 Professor][Course 20 Title][Date]AbortionIssues regarding the ethics of abortion 20 are not new to the world . rather they are an age-old debate 20 A direct citation with regards to the 20 history of abortion is given below , Abortion induced 20 by herbs or manipulation was used as a form of birth 20 control in ancient Egypt , Greece , and Rome and probably 20 earlier . In the middle ages in the Western Europe 20 it was generally accepted in the early months of pregnancy . However , in the 19th century opinion about 20 abortion changed . In 1869 the Roman Catholic Church 20 prohibited abortion under any circumstances In England and in the United States in the 20 19th century stringent antiabortion laws were passed 20 (Columbia Encyclopedia 20 2004 )Attitudes towards abortion became more 20 liberal in the 20th cent . By the 1970s , abortion had been legalized 20 in most European countries and Japan . in the United States , under a 1973 Supreme 20 Court ruling , abortions are permitted during the first 20 six months of pregnancy . Abortion remains a controversial issue in 20 the United States , however , and in 1977 Congress barred 20 the use of Medicaid funds for abortion except for 20 therapeutic reasons and in certain other specified 20 instances . Several state legislatures passed 20 restrictive abortion laws in hope that the Supreme Court 20 would overturn Roe v . Wade , but in 1992 the court reaffirmed the 20 basic principles of the 1973 decision (Columbia Encyclopedia 20 2004 )Abortion is a 20 concern that encompasses a spectrum of problems and the 20 stance of people covers an equally broad perspective 20 Millner and Hanks (2002 20 have provided various statistics on abortion stating 20 that , there were over 1 million abortions in the United 20 States in 1994 . The U .S 20 leads most European countries as well as 20 Australia and Canada in abortion… [banner_entry_footer]

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