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Know Your Rights : An Essay on Employee Rights in the Workplace

While some employees may find it unnecessary to know their rights in the workplace , it is a must that employees know their rights and their legal protection . Employees should know their rights so as to be able to get the most of their employment to be more confident in presenting and discussing to concerned individuals and authorities workplace- related problems and more importantly , to be able to create a workplace that upholds respect , harmony and value for all . Such that many employees [banner_entry_middle]

are not aware of their rights and the laws that protect them , many become victims of workplace harassment , discrimination , unlawful termination and other work related illegal practices . Because many employees do not even know their rights in the workplace , they oftentimes resort to being quiet on issues that affect them . They also become prey to unfair policies and treatment of their employers and even of fellow workers Many other detrimental consequences also happen . As such , it is important for any employee or anyone who plans to be employed to know employee rights in the workplace

There are policies and laws that are considered legal protections of an employee . Nevertheless , these laws may depend on the size of the employer , the place where the employee lives in , and the kind of employee ‘s profession . These legal protections ‘ in the workplace include the right against discrimination because of race , national origin , skin color , gender , pregnancy , religious beliefs , disability age , marital status and sexual orientation although discrimination based on some of these characteristics does not apply in other states the right to a harassment- free workplace the right to receive fair pay which should be at least the minimum wage , plus an overtime premium for any hours worked over the prescribed working hours in a week or in a day (working hours and wages vary in different states the right to a safe workplace the right to take leave because of one ‘s illness or to care for a family member ‘s serious illness or following the birth or adoption of a child and the right to some privacy in personal matters

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The basic rights of an employee regardless of profession , location and the size of the employer include the rights to be treated fairly and equitably to have a safe environment in which to work to be free from discrimination to be free from harassment to be compensated equitably which means same pay for same work done to be free from retaliation for filing complaints against a company and to be free from invasion of privacy (Winning , 1999 . It is from these basic rights that employees should gain understanding of their value in the workplace and from such understanding , be able to stand up for their rights and privileges

Employees have the right to be free from discrimination . Employees should know that they have to right against discrimination most especially when the… [banner_entry_footer]



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