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p In the traditional kingdom of South Africa , women were given high status because of their power to bear and rear children . Although women were not in the same equal status as those of men , African women nevertheless were valued . This was evident in a mother and son ‘s relationship and the extent of how much men pay dowries to get married to their brides Motherhood to them is sacred and having children is the greatest reward an African woman can have . To bear and carry a child in a woman ‘s womb [banner_entry_middle]

can be compared to carrying a treasure . The woman carries the embryo within her like price . Unlike the traditional African society , our society today not only advocates equality between men and women , it also ensures that women have the right to choose when to have children or to have them at all . But this right ‘ should not only be re-evaluated but rather we should take into consideration the dangers of what this right ‘ brings to a woman There are approximately 46 million abortions performed every year worldwide and stories of the horrors that women undergo are countless Abortion may be defined as the termination of pregnancy before the fetus is capable of independent life outside the mother ‘s womb . The primary reason as to why women go through abortion is to practice birth control although it is often the case that the pregnancy is unplanned or unwanted . Since there are people who believe that abortion is a way out of the problem and that a woman have the choice and the right to do so the number of abortion has risen over the past years . They actually think that by going through an abortion , they are doing themselves a favour

However , contrary to what Pro-choice advocates claim , having an abortion actually endangers a woman health-wise . It also degrades the worth of human beings . The claim that having an abortion is part of the woman ‘s choice . Tragically though , this idea contradicts itself as this shows that the woman has no other choice but to kill her child feeling that nobody cares and that she has no other alternative Advocating abortion is just like saying that society will help women eliminate unwanted pregnancies and the unplanned child notwithstanding that abortion is legal . Yet despite being legal , abortion is not safe and easy for the woman nor respectful at the least

As it is often the case , women who have undergone abortions are twice likely to have a miscarriage in the event that they get pregnant again This is attributed to cervical incompetence ‘ in which during an abortion , the cervical muscles are hastily stretched open , thus rendering it too weak to stay close and intact for another pregnancy There is also the chance that a woman who underwent abortion upon getting pregnant again will have complications such as an ec pregnancy . Such complication occurs due to tissue scarring in the womb which resulted from the scraping in the abortion . The… [banner_entry_footer]

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