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PHIL 111

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PHIL 111

Aristotle and the concept of natural slave

2006 In his search for real meaning regarding human classes and values Aristotle tended to find explanations for certain arguments regarding the way things are and the reason why certain facts exist in society in a given mode

First of all , it must be stated that Aristotle declared that he was completely against legal slavery as it goes against the principles of justice and against what can be defined as good . According to Garnsey (1996 , Aristotle did not offer a justification for [banner_entry_middle]

the system of slavery as it operated in his time . He admits that there is no justice nothing natural , in legal slavery , unless legal slaves happen to be natural slaves

As many other subjects discussed by Aristotle , the main association that he finds plausible is that intellect . Intelligence , the capability of some people to build logical solutions to given problem , and knowledge are the main factors that guide Aristotle in most of his philosophical argumentations

To understand the meaning of Aristotle ‘s concept concerning the `Natural Slaves , we need to view the way in which he reached the final conclusions leading to his ideas

According to his reasoning , the main characteristic that differentiates people is their intellect . This quality allows them to manage all matters related to their lives , their work , their finances , and their families

As he explains it , some people have the knowledge , the intelligence and the faculty of correct reasoning that are needed in to run a state , a society , and a family , and in to take care of each unit in the right manner . In other words , those with these capabilities are the right people to lead others and to be the masters to others , not because of any desires to rule or wishes to dominate , but simply because they are more suitable than the others

Furthermore , Aristotle ‘s natural slaves were barbarians , that is non-Greeks . Foreigners did make up the bulk of the slave population However , Greeks , even well-born Greeks , might be caught up in the net of slavery (Garnsey , 1996

In this context , there are those that do not have certain intellectual characteristics and , as Aristotle explained , they need to be guided , to be led , to be directed , and to be protected by others the others in this case are the masters . This is similar to say that some people would be in better conditions if they were slaves , than what they would be , if they were free

This principle applied , according to the view of Aristotle , to children as they lack the necessary mental faculties which is a condition that might place them at risk in some circumstances , and for that , they need to be under the supervision of the elders until they reach the age and the level of knowledge that will allow them to be masters themselves

In what concerns women , Aristotle put them at a lower level in comparison to men because he thought that men are… [banner_entry_footer]

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