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PHIL 111

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PHIL 111

Socrates ‘ Concept of Justice



If we take a close look at the way in which thinkers and philosophers throughout history have defined justice , it will be evident that the meaning of the word , its basic elements and its final desired objective were always varying according to the point of view of the philosopher himself /herself and to the period of history in which the philosopher or the thinker lived

In a generic approach , we can state that justice is the system that encompasses in it [banner_entry_middle]

all the factors related to what is right , moral , or ethical , and that excludes everything that can be immoral , wrong , or harmful to humans as individuals and as groups , and the treatment of all people equally regardless of issues such as race , social class , or faith


Most of the opinions of Socrates regarding the subject of Justice were reported in Plato ‘s Republic

According to the views of Socrates , and he agreed with other philosophers about this point , justice represents and stands for good while injustice represents and stand for evil . The most important point here is to be able to reach a specific definition of `good ‘ and `evil

As explained by Socrates himself , happiness , which is the ultimate goal of humans , can only be the result of good and that it should never be considered as the outcome of evil . This leads us to the conclusion that justice is the highest desire of humans and that achieving it leads to happiness and to satisfaction , and thus to justice

Socrates ‘ main argument was that justice can be seen in its goodness According to Stauffer (2001 , whereas the focus of the discussion has been on what justice is , with Socrates leading the search for the true definition of justice , at a certain point in Socrates ‘ discussion with Thrasymachus the guiding question will shift to the question of whether justice is good – and Socrates ‘ role will shift accordingly from leading the search for justice to defending the goodness of justice

The main factor determining justice , according to Socrates , is someone ‘s ability to recognize what is good and what is evil . In other words , to be able to comprehend the concept of justice , someone must have the knowledge that can enable him /her to understand that a certain action is beneficial to himself and to others , and thus be considered good and just , or that a certain action is harmful to himself and to others , and thus be considered evil or unjust . As Socrates explains knowledge leads to justice while ignorance leads to injustice


According to Socrates , justice brings harmony and peace to society and protects it from conflicts and evil . Rulers , as he explained , should act in the best interest of the people

In his division of the classes of society into three distinct groups the rules , the auxiliaries and the producers , he portrays the picture of a society where each individual is treated justly and that… [banner_entry_footer]

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