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: Philosophy


This seeks to analyze the arguments for and against banning maintains that there is a good reason to ban smoking in fast-food chain and restaurants but what must be settled in this is whether the ban should be complete or partial , where a smoking section in a fast-food chain or restaurant should still be maintained . We will start first with `pro ‘ arguments and then proceed to the `con ‘ arguments Every propositional statement will be evaluated using [banner_entry_middle]

the rules of logic Analysis of the `Pro ‘ Arguments

The first one argues that the only thing smoking in fast food restaurants should be the speed of the service

It wanted to say that there should be complete ban on smoking because some fast-food chains and restaurants have done the same in the pasts . It cited the case of Mc Donald ‘s and Wendy ‘s and Arby ‘s when it said

Last year , Mc Donald ‘s began experimenting with 40 smokeless restaurants Wendy ‘s and other fast-food chains also have restaurants that bar smoking . However , Arby ‘s is the first major chain to heed a call from an 18-member state attorneys general task force for a comprehensive smoking ban in fast food restaurants . It will bar smoking in all its 257 corporate-owned restaurants and urge its 500 franchises to do the same in their 2 ,000 restaurants

Other restaurants , and not just fast-food places , should fall in line If we were to analyze the above argument , we would be in fact arguing that what was done a number of organizations would necessarily be the truth . It proceeds from the idea that what is necessarily popular must be followed . Well , it cannot equate popularity with the truth fort that would be committing in fallacy in the logic of the statement made Truth does have its characteristic being popular for other wise we will have a mob rule where issues would be settled via the numbers

It invoked reasons as follows

Smoke in restaurants is twice as bad as in smoker ‘s home or most other workplaces , a recent report of the Journal of the American Medical Association found

Fast-food restaurant have an even greater need to clear the air . A quarter of the customers and 40 of their workers are under 18

Second hand smoke is a class A carcinogen . It is blamed for killing and estimated 44 ,000 people a year . And its toxins especially threaten youngsters ‘ health

The Environment Protection agency estimates that second-hand smoke causes up to 1 million asthma attacks and 300 ,000 respiratory infections that lead to 15 ,000 hospitalizations among children each year

If we are to analyze the first reason , the proponent may be just citing a fact because restaurants are public places and necessarily there could be more smokers in such place than the smoker ‘s house . It however , failed to cite the circumstances under which the findings of the study were… [banner_entry_footer]

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