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Moral responsibility and taken responsibility are words that are sometimes intertwined . First we should define what is Moral and Responsibility ? Moral is concerned with principles of right and wrong or conforming to standards of behavior and character based on principles and responsibility is the social force that binds you to the courses of action demanded by that force . In moral philosophy , the word responsibility has at least related meanings : The obligation to answer for actions . Often this means answering to some specified authority When we say Moral Responsibility , it is [banner_entry_middle]

the primary responsibility of the individual which is related to the actions and the consequences in social relations . The harm caused to the individual is the general concern or by a group or an entire society by the misdeed of another individual or group on a society . This is when blame can be placed with prosecution and other important social constructs which is under the legal system . When a person performs or fails to perform a morally significant action , then that should be warranted . It is either the individual would be praised or blame for what he has done . For example a person who encounter a car accident maybe regarded as worthy of praise for having the child saved from inside the burning car , or alternatively maybe regarded as worthy of blame for not having used one ‘s cellphone at least to call for help . To regard such agents as worthy of one of these reactions is to ascribe moral responsibility to them on the basis of what they have done or left undone . These are examples of other-directed ascriptions of responsibility . The reaction might also be self-directed e .g , one can recognize oneself to be blameworthy . Thus , to be morally responsible for something , say an action , is to be worthy of a particular kind of reaction – praise , blame , or something akin to these – for having performed it (See Moral Responsibility , Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy . August 12 , 2004 . Moral Responsibility often refers to a system of principles and judgments shared by cultural religious , and philosophical concepts and beliefs , by which humans subjectively determine whether given actions are right or wrong . These concepts and beliefs are often generalized and codified by a culture or group , and thus serve to regulate the behavior of its members Conformity to such codification may also be called morality , and the group may depend on widespread conformity to such codes for its continued existence . A “moral ” may be a particular principle as applied in a given situation . It also appears in the discussion of subjects such as determinism and other world views that deny free will , since without such freedom it is difficult to be blamed for one ‘s actions , and without this moral responsibility the nature of punishment and ethics comes into question . In its simplest form , without the complications of morality or existence of free will , responsibility assumes control , for one cannot be held responsible for that which one does not control . While… [banner_entry_footer]

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