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Philosophy essay, an argument for or against `moral luck.`

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Moral Luck : How we are and what we do is always a matter of luck

Thomas Nagel explains in his article `Moral Luck ‘ his stance upon this interesting point of debate in ethics and philosophy . It has long been considered that what we are and what we become is all a matter of fortune or luck . It has been taken by many thinkers , as a rather pacifying stance who need to cover up their incompetencies people who lack in some way have to cover it up . Because , when ever we get good fortune [banner_entry_middle]

, or achieve something that we have strived for , we cease to use the term `luck ‘ in that . This is simply due to the fact that it is an innate human tendency to be satisfied with an accomplishment , and take pride as a personal endeavor being accomplished

However , whenever we encounter failure , it is very difficult for us to out rightly admit that it is due to our own short comings . Therefore , we need to blame it on someone , generally termed as projection . There are many words for the same in various theologies and cultures , including Will of God , fate , destiny and luck . Thus , the concepts of Nagel , though convincing , are not without retort . Under mentioned are certain viewpoints that shall elucidate a different stance that that presented by Nagel on moral luck

Morality as a Social Responsibility

There shall inevitably be more individuals around him from the same species for him to live in a manner conforming to the definition of a social group , if not a society . Here the concept of mutual regards norms and values is very important . Here , the case unfolds in contrast with Nagel ‘s assumption that every thing essentially is a matter of luck , and that we are all dependent on its dynamics

Morality may sometimes be misperceived as intelligence and sobriety This may not entirely be true . Morality is a concept that involves actualizing with the prevalent norms . A very intelligent person is less likely to conform to the demands and ways of a group as compared to a person with optimal intelligence . Similarly , being mature does not necessarily confirm the presence of rationalistic and pragmatic frame of reference . Therefore , morality , when considered in terms of luck has to be taken in its purest form

In response , it may well be argued that the entire social structure , and the placement of the person within that structure is also a resultant of luck itself . The fact if the matter is , that nothing is in the control of a person , therefore , if something unfortunate has come up on the person , then it is almost essential that there has to be some element of luck that would be responsible . Nagel ‘s concept of casual luck is relevant here , wherein the antecedent circumstances of a person govern the destiny . And nobody has ever had any means of control over the background that we have

Luck in response to rationality

Morality , where may be defined as… [banner_entry_footer]

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