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Philosophy Statement on Adult Education

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Philosophy Statement on Adult Education Page 1

Philosophy Statement on Adult Education


For human beings , learning appears to be unstoppable and insatiable People are always craving , curious and willing to learn new things every time . New information or methodology never fails to excite the curiosity and interest of the people thus inspiring learning attitude and enthusiasm

Even though at adult age or middle age , the rate of learning enthusiasm of the people never declines and sometimes it even increases with every year that passed on someone ‘ life . This idea [banner_entry_middle]

is attributed to many factors that includes the psychological and emotional maturity of the person ‘s perspective towards learning and education , which is characterized by an upsurge in the degree of seriousness and willingness . Some cases are attributed to factors such as financial capabilities or time availability but most of the cases are because of the personal reason within the individual . Thus , adult education is a conventional and constructive approach to the learning process because it based on the humanistic and progressive philosophies of the human being

Adult Education

The Corley and Stedman define adult education as all forms of schooling and learning programs in which adults participate . Unlike other types of education , adult education is defined by the student population rather than by the content or complexity of a learning program (2005 ‘ Accordingly , it is the learning process and enthusiastic approach of adults to the world of knowledge and information through the use of the schooling methodologies whether formal or informal Philosophy Statement on Adult Education Page 2

There are actually many reasons why an adult wants to participate in the education process . Some adults reasoned out that they want to learn new things and information which are not yet available during their schooling periods thus they want to be updated . Others want to develop or enhance their skills by taking either a masteral or a doctorate degree on their field of career or acquire skills on a new career they wish to embrace . While other , commonly the people who have not yet experienced schooling process or became literate , wants to learn the basic skills which they have not yet learned

Because of different reasons , the adult education programs offered at the present caters to different motives or needs . These programs ranged from categories such as literacy training , community development university credit programs , on-the-job training and continuing professional education (Corley Stedman , 2005

In addition , due to the surging demand and popularity of the idea of adult education many institutions have already established facilities and programs to accommodate the interested students . Programs vary in organization from casual , incidental learning to formal college credit courses . Institutions offering education to adults include colleges libraries , museums , social service and government agencies , businesses and churches (Corley Stedman , 2005


Adult education is normal process and something that should not be subjected to discrimination and subjection because learning is a human impulse or need that can be satisfied or fulfilled regardless of age and social… [banner_entry_footer]

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