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Philosophy:Ethics – Aristotle`s and Hume`s ethical system differences

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Philosophy : Ethics- Aristotle ‘s and Hume ‘s ethical System differences

Question : Explain what main difference between Aristotle ‘s and Hume ‘s ethical systems are in what they conceive of as the origin of our critical reasoning


Aristotle is an early Greek philosopher while David Hume belongs to the modern western philosopher . Likewise , Aristotle is one of the Greek ethicists and Hume is one of the great western modern philosophers

Aristotle regarded ethical rules as practical guide to a happy and well-rounded life . He accords that specific nature of humanity [banner_entry_middle]

is happiness and happiness does not just pleasure but also having two good things , the mental activities and practical actions and emotions Aristotle uses philosophy of naturalism

On the part of David Hume , accords skepticism to the idea of objective rightness or wrongness about action . He argued that action is right or wrong can not be belief of some matter of fact but it is a belief of some degree motivate to act . Thus desires and emotion can motivate us to act . Also , the desires and emotion can motivate to act To think is sympathy

Differentiating Aristotle and Hume , Aristotle use naturalism philosophy while Hume uses empirical philosophy . We are committed to all this by taking part in ethical inquiry at all , if , as Aristotle holds , the purpose of the inquiry is practical . For whatever our original motive for taking part , one we do , we accept the inquiry on its own terms , which includes its purpose (Broadie , Sarah . New York . 1991 Pp . 5 . These statements described Aristotle ‘s stand of his point of view . While Hume ‘s philosophy is empiricism and utilitarianism . He went to argued that when we think that we are perceiving an object rightness or disapproval that we and other members of society , feel towards that action (Hume ‘s Ethics and Other work . Microsoft Encarta 2005

The assertions of two philosophers differs since that Aristotle ‘s idea on happiness is to aim good action but Hume ‘s says that the ideas of happiness is the tendency that one has the sympathy to others who felt happiness . This means you are happy since you sympathized a person ‘s happiness . While on the other side , we have to realize , as

connoisseurs it may interest us to compare Aristotle ‘s performance in ethics with

those of others . In that case , we should not think it a fruitless enterprise for him

either , since he like us must enjoy the intellectual exercise . Like if knowing the fact that Hume ‘s idea of ethics is sought to discuss norms standard unlike Aristotle idea is practicality

Question : What is the source of ethical judgments and action for Aristotle

Answer : The source of ethical judgments and action for Aristotle will be seen as follows , what is the best , the happiest , the most worthwhile sort of life for human beings ? Is a life of honorable achievements : of pleasure and excitements of service in one ‘s community of material productiveness a life with marked by happy… [banner_entry_footer]

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