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Pidgin and creoles languages

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Pidgin and Creole Languages

The concept of Pidgin and Creole Languages arose in sociolinguistics to describe the changes in language development that occur as a result of different ethnic groups mingling in a separate area . The formation of Pidgin and Creole Languages helps linguists identify and explore many interesting patterns that have a direct bearing on the understanding of language as a social and cultural phenomenon , as well as specific aspects pertinent to language functioning . Originally discarded by linguists as marginal phenomena not meriting a serious exploration these languages are now [banner_entry_middle]

the focus of scholarly attention and have implications for language classrooms as well

A pidgin language is the mixture of different languages that may arise when two speakers of different languages with no common language try to have a makeshift conversation (Shiffman , 1997 . It is typical of the pidgin language to rely on a mixture of words from two or more languages represented in the area . Grammar may be borrowed from one of the languages or virtually non-existent . A pidgin is not the mother tongue for anyone who speaks it it is developed by adults for the purposes of quick understanding and for these reasons does not develop coherent well-established rules , although its speakers can speak it for the rest of their lives

In contrast , a creole is a language that was originally a pidgin but has become nativized , i .e . a community of speakers claims it as their first language (Shiffman , 1997 . The grammar is invented by children of pidgin speakers , after which the originally haphazard combination of words and rules turns into a fully-fledged language with its own rules grammar , and lexicon . Creoles are found in many post-colonial states where the language of the colonizers mingled with that of the original populations , resulting in the formation of a Creole tongue . Examples can be Hawaii , Jamaica , Mauritius , and other former colonies

Creoles , once they arise , acquire the full range of functions of any national language around the world and can be used in different spheres of life . In this sense , it becomes the native language of a certain community , often contributing to the creation of national identity and permitting identification with a certain nation or locality . These languages also help bind together ethnically diverse population that inhabits such areas and provides a common tool for communication between these groups

The development of Pidgins and Creoles illustrates the impact of various sociolinguistic factors that affect their evolution . In fact investigation of their formation provides historians with rich material they can use to conduct their studies of history of particular areas their settlement patterns , and interactions between different ethnicities . The process is impacted by various factors that include migration , immigration , slavery , and insufficient education (Jones n .d . A history of a Pidgin or a Creole can also shed light on marginalization of native people and speakers of non-standard languages (University of Hawaii , 1999

The latter idea has important implications for language teachers and those teaching other subjects . The University of… [banner_entry_footer]

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