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Making researches and essays are part of the lives of the students Teachers require such things to measure the capability , ability and learning areas of the students to write creatively . But what are the assurances of the teachers that the finished works submitted by their students are really original and not just copy and paste from any internet websites or printed books , journals , encyclopedias and magazines . This is the major dilemma that most universities face Nowadays , due to students ‘ laziness to work with their own researches and essays [banner_entry_middle]

, they will just visit a site and copy and paste the sentences and paragraphs or in the other words , copy the whole thing word for word that will lead them to a charge called as plagiarism . What is plagiarism then ? Is it a serious case ? What might happen to students who are caught of plagiarism ? Is there any law for this ? These are the questions that naturally popped up in the students ‘ inquisitive minds , like me According from Wikipedia the free encyclopedia stated that plagiarism is an act of dishonesty , copying the work of others and claiming as your own and not giving proper credit to the author (see Plagiarism Wikipedia , the free encyclopedia . Oct . 8 , 2006 . But I strongly believe that plagiarizing the works of others are just cheating your teacher but you are cheating your own self ! How can a student learn and grow academically when he lives up in plagiarizing the works of others ? Isn ‘t it ridiculous ? Many universities , colleges and secondary schools applied for anti-plagiarism software from websites that offer plagiarism detection service in to fight plagiarism and prove that the students ‘ works are original or not . There are several schools in the United States that take plagiarism as serious case committed by the students and will expel the students if they are found guilty in committing such act . Moreover , the purposes of this study are to (1 ) know the different types of plagiarism (2 ) learn the strategies on how to avoid plagiarism (3 ) find out what are the punishments of committing plagiarism Types of plagiarism

Diana Hacker stated that there are three acts of plagiarism and these are the (1 ) failure to mention where borrowed ideas and quotations come from whom (2 ) failure to insert borrowed words and phrases in quotation marks (3 ) failure to add paraphrases and summaries in your own words (see Hacker , Diana . A Pocket Style Manual . 4th Ed , pp . 228-230 2004 . In this academic world , plagiarism is a very serious case . If students fail to do these three requirements mentioned by Diana Hacker they will be charged of plagiarism and will suffer for the consequences that will be charged by their current schools . There are times that students will just copy the sentences drastically without analyzing of what they are reading and not being apprehensive that they are already copying the works of others . In other words , they fail to develop their own critical thinking ability because they tolerate… [banner_entry_footer]

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