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Pleas Answer the following Exam Revision Questions

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Brain Behaviour

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Lecture 2 – Drugs

What is drug ? Discuss Mechanisms of drug action

What is Drug

A drug is any animal , vegetable , or mineral substance used in the composition of medicines . It also refers to any stuff used in dyeing or in chemical operations . It is a substance that is used as a medicine or narcotic . A drug is capable of altering natural biological processes with their manipulating nature used in medicine as a corrective measure against deviances from these normal biological processes

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in the Webster Dictionary (1992 , a drug , is a substance other than food intended for use in the diagnosis , cure , mitigation treatment , or prevention of disease in man or other animals . It is any narcotic also any substance or chemical agent , exclusive of food employed for other than medical reasons to obtain a given physiological effect or to satisfy a craving . The drug affects the mind or body . The effect depends on the type of drug , the amount taken , when and how it is used , and the person who takes it (Webster , 1992

Drugs may be classified as uppers , downers , narcotics , mind-affecting (hallucinogens , or volatile chemicals . Uppers are stimulants that affect the nervous system to excite the user . Downers are depressants that affect the central nervous system to relax the user . Narcotics affect the nervous system , and change many of the normal activities of the body , and often produce an intense state of excitement or distortion of the user ‘s senses . Volatile chemicals are depressants acting upon the central nervous system . It is important for the first aider to be able to detect possible drug abuse at the overdose level and to relate certain signs to certain types of drugs (Webster , 1992

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There are four levels of drug use . Abstinence means not taking any drugs or any particular drug . Experimentation means trying a drug for the first time . It could be a doctor prescribing medicine , or a young person sniffing glue . If a user likes the effects of a drug , he or she may move to casual , recreational or regular use

Casual use is taking a drug only when a person feels like it or when a it is offered . Recreational use is a drug use for enjoyment in social situations . Regular use means taking drugs almost everyday . Habitual or problem drug becomes dependent (needs to have some of the drug everyday

The user may have very little control over his or her problem drug use The effects of this dependence can be serious , and sometimes fatal . With certain drugs , the user can develop a tolerance , or get used to the drug . He or she has to take very large amounts to feel the same effects These drugs include alcohol , opiates , LSD , caffeine , amphetamines and tranquilisers . Psychological dependence can develop with any type of drug . The user believes that he or she will not be able to lead a normal life without taking the drug and becomes very upset if… [banner_entry_footer]

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