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Political Campaign Ads

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Text for Political Ad Campaigns

Slide 1 : Traditional Moral and Political Philosophies

Party Name : The All For One – One For All Party of 1956

Campaign Slogan : One Country . One Thought . One Ideal

Party ‘s Platform RE : The Pledge of Allegiance : The right to freely express oneself is a fundamental part American freedom – it is a protection guaranteed by the Constitution , and the right to pledge one ‘s allegiance to God and country should be protected by this . While in school , learning to become a good citizen is a part of the necessary [banner_entry_middle]

br curriculum , and good citizenship includes patriotism . School children may not be able to comprehend the intricacies of war and politics , but they can certainly comprehend the symbolism of the American flag ‘s stars and stripes and learning the Pledge of Allegiance helps solidify the patriotism of these growing Americans (Marshall passim

Slide 2 : Modern Moral and Political Philosophies

Party Name : The American Divide Party of 2008

Campaign Slogan : Freedom for Those Who No Longer Have a Side

Party ‘s Platform RE : The Pledge of Allegiance : America is a land of diversity . Increasingly , our nation has welcomed a wide-range of ethnicities and beliefs , and a core area of this building American diversity is a difference in religious preference and practice Pledging one ‘s allegiance to the American Flag is an expression of love for a country , not a declaration of religious affiliation . The Pledge was not written with any religious affiliation in mind , and the phrase under God ‘ was inserted as an afterthought . Children of differing religious beliefs should not be placed in an all-or-nothing situation in which they compromise their faith or compromise their patriotism (Marshall passim

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