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Political Campaign Case Summary

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Santorum vs . Casey

In the days before radio , television and the internet , political candidates were basically evaluated based upon their public opinions and their own political platforms . Those days are gone . Now , the campaign is played out in living rooms , available at the tap of a button or the click of the keys . Such is the case with Pennsylvania senate race between Rick Santorum and Robert Casey

The first ingredient in the campaign is a vibrant cast of characters Rick Santorum fits the bill . His use of name-calling strategies is unparalleled [banner_entry_middle]

. Democrats are Nazi ‘s Terri Schiavo ‘s former husband is an executor and had several choice insults for the Boston community regarding the evils of academic , political , and cultural liberalism (Casey vs . Santorum , 2005 . Although aggressive and grating , Santorum does have to share the spotlight with Robert Casey . Even though he is far more widely liked , Casey has never really played in the big leagues of politics . He has held such offices as auditor general and state treasurer but has never really been in same stratum as Santorum , who has never lost an election (Casey vs . Santorum , 2005

Other than knowing that Santorum is a conservative religious Republican and Casey is not , most voters , even those in Pennsylvania , could tell you very little about their true issues (with the possible exception of Santorum ‘s loud anti-abortion stance . Most voters see these candidates in terms of their public faces . Santorum is bold Casey is boring Perhaps the insight from the of The Salon is prophetic : For reasons including money , issues and the nature of the combatants , things aren ‘t what they seem from outside looking in (Casey vs . Santorum 2005

The reason for this lack of true knowledge , despite the voters ‘ adamant insistence that they do make decisions based on issues , is the impact of the media and the drive to make money . According to a study reported by the Associated Press , Voters tuning in to local television newscasts are more than four times as likely to see partisan political ads as campaign news stories .In all , twice as much airtime is being devoted to paid political ads (Study , 2002

While station managers fear political news will turn off viewers , they clearly understand that political ads draw viewers

The draw to marry the media to politics is also not new . Clint Eastwood , Arnold Schwarzenegger , Sonny Bono , and now Lynn Swann have proven that . Instead of developing understandable and focused campaigns that the average American can understand and relate to , both Santorum and Casey will be dumping the majority of their fundraising efforts into radio and television ads , and into maintaining their own websites (Budoff , 2006 . Of course , they will be helped online by the thousands of websites and blogs created by `fans

The media has created the personas for both of these Pennsylvania Senate hopefuls . Santorum is characterized as a Bible-thumping , insult hurling Republican who is entertaining to watch . Casey , who has a few insults of his own , is… [banner_entry_footer]

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