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political opinion

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Political Opinion

In the light of the forthcoming November elections , the people of Ohio are eagerly watching the political platform of the candidates in to weigh who among them will address the issues important to Ohioans

Foremost among these issues is the faltering economy of the state despite its numerous industries and businesses . For two decades now Ohio ‘s economy has not been very good . The faltering economy is the result of problems in areas such as taxes , education , job opportunities and health . The middle class families are overburdened with high taxes [banner_entry_middle]

br The cost of education is quite steep and quality health care is not affordable to a big percentage of Ohioans . There is a significant need to generate more jobs for the people

The people of Ohio should care about these issues because these affect their lives in a big way . In fact , these issues affect everyone including the children , since quality education should be within the reach of even ordinary workers . In addition to a nurturing home environment , education is the determining factor in the quality of graduates , leaders and workers we will have in the next generation . At this time , government must find ways to generate more jobs , give considerable tax breaks to middle class families , provide quality education at an affordable cost , and give people a wider access to quality health care . The candidates should address all these issues by proposing a realistic agenda that they can really push to become legislation

Among the candidates for Governor , Secretary of State Ken Blackwell and Congressman Ted Strickland both have a fighting chance because they belong to the major parties . Both have good proposals to revitalize the economy and generate jobs . However , in my opinion , Strickland will emerge as winner because of his views on education , in addition to his agenda for invigorating the economy . I think he will be a good Governor if he could make good on his promises . I believe that the people are hoping for a Governor whose tenure will not be tainted with controversies such as that of incumbent Bob Taft

For Senator , between Mike DeWine and Sherrod Brown , I think DeWine has the edge to win the seat again . I believe that his record in the Senate shows his determination to help Ohioans and the people might just give him more time to do more for the state . Senator Mike deWine ‘s stand on important issues such as taxes , family , pro-life and education will be his ticket to another term . Quality education is among his top priorities and the laws he authored in the Senate reflects his intelligence and priorities

Voting the right person as a leader in the society is important because the ideologies behind the implemented rules and programs are generally from the leaders of the nation . They are the ones who hold the power and they are entrusted with the most significant responsibilities that concern every citizen . They are the catalyst for change and they can also prevent… [banner_entry_footer]

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