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Political Science 1

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The B Fence

Politics and power

As millions of new immigrants continue to cross the southern b of the United States illegally , politicians have been forced to deal with the issue by popular opinion . The result has been the proposal of a b fence that extends across the most-traveled areas . The issue has given rise to divisiveness , political pandering and grass-roots efforts either promoting or trying to prevent the fence from being built

The issue of b security has been around for a long time . Only now has there arisen enough [banner_entry_middle]

public pressure to force politicians to act . For politicians , this issue is both an unwanted burden and an opportunity Midterm elections are rapidly approaching . Each representative will combine personal opinion with the prevailing political context in his or her district to stake out a position . For this issue , at this time having no coherent position could be politically fatal

The Sides

As a product of compromise , the Congress recently authorized the building of about seven hundred miles of fencing along the southern b of the United States . The Mexican government and several special interest groups within the U .S . have voiced strong objections to the fence . Meanwhile , popular opinion within the U .S . seems to favor the fence as part of a more comprehensive plan on immigration

Generally speaking , the Congressional Republicans favor an enforcement-first ‘ approach to immigration reform . The Democrats tend to focus less on enforcement , and more on a comprehensive approach There are separate factions within each group . For example , a substantial number of Republicans favor the comprehensive approach put forward by President Bush . Other Republicans are more hard-line and gain momentum from conservative and talk radio pundits

More than four million illegal immigrants have crossed the southern b since Sept . 11 , 2001 (Buchanan , 2006 . This fact has been used as a tool by some in the immigration debate as a scare tactic . Conservative , such as Pat Buchanan , and politicians , are using the fear of change to engender support and increase their own power

Class warfare is also a common tactic . The elites downplay the American culture ‘ and encourage illegal immigration in to have access to cheap labor . Meanwhile , the American working class suffers as wages stagnate (Buchanan , 2006

The class warfare argument gains more traction when judicial nullification is thrown in to the mix . Buchanan and others point out that California voters passed proposition 187 , a bill restricting benefits to illegals , only to have it thrown out by a judge who was heavily lobbied by the open bs elitists ‘ In other words , the taxpayers no longer have representation (Buchanan , 2006 . Others have taken those ideas and used them to label their opponents . From Victor Davis Hansen of The Washington Times

Indeed , if extremists continue demonstrating for open bs

blare out ethnic and linguistic chauvinism , and flaunt the law

this current public anger .will appear mild compared with

what is on the horizon (2006

The words extremists , open bs , linguistic chauvinism and flaunt the… [banner_entry_footer]

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