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Pop Culture Inventory list and Essay

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Pop Culture Inventory List

Hip Hop Rap Music

Break dancing

Hip Hop Fashion – baggy pants , extra large shirts and silver jewelries

Body Piercing


Reality Shows

Bob Marley


Big Mac

Mini Skirts

Retro Fashion


Mobile Camera Phones



Harley Davidson ‘s big bikes

Volkswagen Beetle

Michael Jordan

Matrix , the movie

Pop Culture

Popular culture or pop culture in short has been an interesting from the past and until now . Defining pop culture , it is the [banner_entry_middle]

culture of the people – their behavior , values and entertainments which appeal to a particular number of people (Berger , 1973

.8 . As most people are aware of , culture is the arts , beliefs , institutions , and all other product of human works these patterns , traits and products are considered as the expression of particular period , community , or population with respect to a particular category , field , subject or mode or expression (Random House , College Dictionary on Munger , 2005

.4 . In relation to the definition , popular culture is the behavior , beliefs and even lifestyles more known and which most people are aware of . Clothing , foods , politics , and entertainments which include gadgets , video games , movies , comics television shows , and sports are the common elements of the society making up the popular culture that are commonly and easily adopted by many people

The pop culture artifacts in the inventory listed above have common identifiable patterns : they are all products of the entertainment category and are all popularized by the mass media . For example , the hip hop music , break dancing , Bob Marley and Michael Jordan are all products of entertainment as well as the reality shows , superheroes , and the sci-fi movies . Other pop cultures emerged as a byproduct of earlier pop culture body piercing and tattoos are commonly seen on basketball players like Michel Jordan and on hip hop rappers like Eminem as well as the hip hop fashion which are commonly adopted by the young ones . The popularity of big bikes , beetle cars and other form of hip and cool cars as well as the clothing fashions such as retro and miniskirts were popularized by movies , artists and advertisements

These pop cultures are widespread and have been very popular not only in the USA but also in many countries primarily due to the effectiveness of mass media in spreading them . However , the pop culture in fashion , music and cars can only have a short-term influence because of the emerging new culture . For example , the hip hop rap has been considered to be a music genre today but no one knows how long it will influence the people because there are other music genre that might emerged in the future Volkswagen beetle is also considered to be once popular but has lost popularity to sports cars and 4×4 vehicles . But there are other populations who might continue patronizing such cultures like the black community who has started the fad in hip hop rap

Body piercing and tattoos also have their share of popularity especially to the population… [banner_entry_footer]

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