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There much has been discussed about the conditions and life in the correctional institutions in the USA . Even though that the correctional system in the USA remains effective and humanist and satisfies the world standards , still there are lots of problems that are faced either by prisoners or by prison authorities . To the most part the regulations and rules for prisoners are quite strict and violate most of their rights and freedoms that they still have being a prisoner . Such kind of tension causes only additional problems with different [banner_entry_middle]

kinds of violence inside the prison cells

Prisons , jails and other correctional institutions from a special executive part of the modern legislature system . Their correctional role is mainly formed from the special strict environment where sentenced people are placed for a certain period of time . The difference in life conditions , that are stricter , more formal as well as restricted , forces on the sentenced person and has a correctional and educational function on his consciousness of a person

Imprisoned people have less freedoms and rights than those who are out of prison . They are forced to obey the inner rules of the correctional institute , that basically includes a strict scheduled daily life , limit time for walk outside the walls of the cells , limited access to visitors and limited time of the visits . It ‘s a well known fact that prisoners in the USA has a shorter period of time for taking visitors compared to other countries . The life of prisoners in the correctional institutions is based on the authoritarian regime of the prison ‘s authorities that are in charge of regulations

The limited access to modern life facilities as information , mass media , interaction with the rest of society (which can be only realized through the visits of cloth people ) and the lack of normal freedom in the core meaning of this word causes a constant stress and aggression both in prisons for men and women . That causes hidden and direct violence that happens in prisons on a daily basis , which is mostly uncommon in normal life

The most spread and discussed form of violence in male prisons is rape . It happens because of no possibility to have a healthy sexual life that a normal person has in normal life outside the prison walls . From this point it ‘s important to change some of issues in the regulations of prison so that the prisoners will be able to have a longer time for visits of their family members (in this case wives or girlfriends ) and so that this visits would be Imprisoned women have the similar problems in prison , but still there exist more specific issues as well . As the guards have the authority over the prisoners , woman to the most of cases are not able to take care of their basic intimate needs being in fully private atmosphere free of supervision . As Nancy Kurshan writes in her article Women and Imprisonment in the U .S

In the ostensible name of security , male guards can take down or look over a curtain , walk into a bathroom , or observe a women showering or changing her clothes . In Michigan , for instance male guards are employed at all women ‘s prisons . At Huron Valley , about half the guards are men At Crane prison , approximately eighty percent of the staff is male and there are open dormitories divided into cubicles . In one section the cubicle walls are only four feet high and there are no doors or curtains on any cubicles anywhere at Crane . The officers ‘ desks are right next to the bathroom and the bathroom doors must be left open at all times . Male guards are also allowed to do body shakedowns where they run their hands all over the women ‘s bodies

Understandably it ‘s a that are been named can be definitely called as sexual harassment

Women who get in prisons appear in a system designed , built and run by men for men ‘ according to a fall 1990 issue of Time magazine . As prison authorities say that the ratio of women who get into prison in relatively low to the ratio of men (women form only 6 .8 of prison ‘s and 10 .8 of jail ‘s scale ” to meet their special needs . Still it ‘s clear that in majority women suffer from the lack of basic conditions in most of prisons . But as Nancy Kurshan marks in her article : There are a wide range of institutions that incarcerate women and conditions vary . Some women ‘s prisons look like “small college campuses ” remnants of the historical legacy of the reformatory movement . Bedford Hills state prison in New York is one such institution Alderson Federal Prison in West Virginia is another . Appearances , however , are deceptive . For instance , Dobash describes the “underlying atmosphere [of such a prison] as one of intense hostility , frustration and anger

As it has been discussed we can make a conclusion that a jail will always be a jail . The society cannot expect that the life conditions will be designed is the way that will satisfy the majority of prisoners it cannot be even referred to the basic needs . There much still can be done in the regulation of relations and control over the prisoners , so that it ‘ll become possible to reduce the violence rate at prisons . These changes are very essential , because most of issues that take place in modern correctional institution system , ruin any attempt to give corrective and educational functions to the punishment , but on the contrary , break a person and reduce his chances to return to a normal life


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