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Prisoners of Hate by Aaron Beck

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Prisoners of Hate by Aaron Beck is a reflective deliberation of the dysfunctional thinking of individuals that results in violent actions ranging from verbal abuse on the personal level to mass murder on the societal level and suggestions on addressing these problems . A professor emeritus of psychology at the University of Pennsylvania , School of Medicine , Beck is known as the father of cognitive psychotherapy . In his book , Beck does a fine job of demonstrating and applying the basic ideas of his therapy to realistic situations that are much too prevalent in America [banner_entry_middle]

, let alone the world . Beck explores hatred and the making of hatred , which is sponsored by societies or governments as well as the results of the hatred

Beck applies his work to greater social problems , from domestic violence to bigotry , crime and war . He argues that anger , hate , and hostility are the same whether the conflict is between spouses or nations . Focusing on involuntary and usually unnoticed thought patterns , Beck ‘s therapy emphasizes relearning . He wants his patients to examine their cognition rationally so that they could decrease their hostilities against their enemies . In his psychotherapeutic work with patients , he observed a pattern of thinking that he describes as hostile framing ‘ which means that the patient perceives the person he is in conflict with as dangerous and evil and himself as right and good . Such thinking locks the mind in a prison of hate ‘ in which a false image is mistaken for the real person . Beck (2000 ) calls such cognitive distortion primal thinking (p . 71 ) because it occurs in the earliest stage of information processing and also in the early developmental stage of children . When primal thinking categorizes adversaries as evil and creatures who deserve to be punished , the moral code against killing is weakened . Beck demonstrates how such cognitive errors have led to wife-beating , group rape , the Salem witch trials , the Oklahoma City bombing , the Holocaust , and genocide in Cambodia , Turkey , and the Soviet Union . The cognitive distortions that led to WWI get special attention too

Beck credibly explains and illustrates the origins of hatred acted out by both individuals and groups . It is the simple idea that the way we think about something determines how we feel about it , and how we act on it . In this book , there are many powerful and immediately recognizable examples from daily life , showing how we turn hurt into anger then into hatred . One example that I am in conformity with Beck is the explanation about egocentricity . According to Beck (2000 , Egocentricity is a problem when it becomes exaggerated and is not balanced by such social traits as love , empathy and altruism (p , 6 . Personally , I had some bad experiences due to the egocentricity of people I know . Conflicts arise due to simple arguments carried out by egocentricity of people and if they are unable to control their tempers , violent actions may hurt those whom they are in contact with

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