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Private Security

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Private Security


Criminal justice refers to the system used by government to maintain social control , enforce laws , and administer justice (Wolfgang , 1990 Law enforcement (police , courts , and corrections are the main agencies charged with these responsibilities . The pursuit of criminal justice like all forms of “justice “fairness ” or “process , basically the pursuit of an ideal (Fraser , 2006 . One question which is presented by the idea of creating justice entails balancing the rights of victims and the rights of accused criminals , and how these individual rights are related to one [banner_entry_middle]

another and to social control . It is normally argued that victim ‘s and defendant ‘s rights are inversely related , and individual rights , as a whole , are likewise viewed as inversely related to social control . Rights , obviously , imply responsibilities or duties , and this in turn requires a great deal of consensus in the community concerning the appropriate definitions for many of these legal terms

The criminal justice system consists of law enforcement (police courts , and corrections (Fuller , 2005 . While the police work towards crime prevention , they are also involved with crime control , and handle cases initially when crime occurs . The police will conduct a crime investigation gather evidence , and identifying suspect (s . The first contact the offender has with the criminal justice system is with the police who make the arrest . Probable cause is essential for the police to make an arrest , and take the suspect into custody . The suspect undergoes HYPERLINK “http /en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Booking ” \o “Booking ” booking a process which may consists fingerprinting , taking mugshots , and interrogation . Given adequate evidence , the case will be handed over to the prosecutor who may then a complaint . The case will then go before a grand jury in a preliminary hearing . If the grand jury finds probable cause , the suspect will be arraigned with formal charges d , and bail set . Following the arraignment , plea bargaining may occur with the suspect pleading guilty in exchange for a more lenient sentence . Otherwise , the case will move forward to HYPERLINK “http /en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Trial ” \o “Trial ” trial . If the defendant is found guilty , disposition is the next step with the sentencing determined . The case may then be appealed at higher courts Offenders are then turned over to the correctional authorities . The offender may be sentenced to probation , incarceration in a prison or jail , community supervision , or some other form of sentencing . Probation involves a contract between the offender and the court that allows the offender to remain in the community under promises of good behavior and to adhere to conditions set forth by the court . Other possible sanctions , short of incarceration , include fines , forfeiture restitution , and community corrections (e .g . residence in a halfway house . Prisons are the primary type of institution for housing offenders , convicted of felonies . In the United States , prisons are operated by the state and Federal government . Prisons are not synonymous with jails , which are detention facilities run by local jurisdictions including county and municipal governments . Jails… [banner_entry_footer]

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