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Procurement System : Success factors for Design and Build Contract in the context of Malaysia`s project

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Procurement System : Success Factors for Design and Build Contract in the Context of Malaysian Construction Projects

Chapter 1


Through time , Design-build has been opted over the other systems as the most effective way of generating construction work (Haque , Alkaabi Arosha , 2001 . This is due to the fact that Design-build is suitable for any type of project (Molenaar , 2002 . It was said that D B has been to a certain point , utilized as a problem-solving device for the difficulties that traditional systems have caused (Chan , 2000 . While D B may be [banner_entry_middle]

the system by many , it is far from being perfect There appears to be room for improvement in its overall performance in terms of quality , efficiency , productivity , site safety , environmental sustainability and customer satisfaction (Yates , 1995 . After all , even though D B provides for a whole cart-load of advantages and is being by many , the fact remains that it is still at its evolutionary stage , especially in some eastern countries like Hong Kong (Palaneeswaran Kumaraswamy , 2001

Numerous studies prove that D B has been by far the most popular alternative procurement system that is being used (Ndekugri and Turner 1994 . Another study was made investigating the performance of D B from the point of view of contractors , architects and clients (Akintoye Fitzgerald , 1995 Songer Molenaar , 1996 Akintoye , 1994 . Lam , Chan Chan (2004 ) conducted a study and determined the practice of the three main stakeholders – client , contractor and consultants , whose knowledge and experience are essential to the development of the D B method in the construction industry . The said study included a comprehensive literature regarding the potential problems of running D B projects (Lam , Chan and Chan , 2003a . A similar research was also conducted in Hong Kong on the practice of the D B method (Lam , Chan and Chan 2003b Lam , Chan and Chan , 2003c Lam , Chan and Chan , 2003d

The current study intends to determine the procurement success factors specific to the Malaysian context

Chapter 2

Review of Related Literature

2 .1 Traditional Mode vs . Design Build

In recent years , there has been an increasing popularity of design and build as a contracting route in the construction industry over the traditional mode of procurement

The traditional mode of procurement is only suitable for simple projects . Under such mode , the client will appoint a consultancy team consisting of architects , an engineer and a quantity surveyor to provide design services while contracting the project to the selected contracts

Due to the new building technology , novel requirements , complexity and large scale of projects , the traditional mode is now considered inadequate . In the traditional mode no coordination and team work exists among the client , design team and construction team . This gives rise to inefficiency in managing time and cost

In a design and build delivery , the contractor both design and builds the works as shown in the diagrams below (refer to Figures 1 2

Figure 1 : Contractual relationship between the parties in a traditional delivery contract

Figure 2 . Contractual relationship between… [banner_entry_footer]

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