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Professional Workplace Dilemma

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Professional Workplace dilemma

It is not a secret that work is a place where all people are tested – for intelligence , courage , reaction , patience etc . Many of such tests include serious ethical dilemmas , which oftentimes are hard to solve without making substantial trade-offs . One of such dilemmas I had to face was how to inform a general manager of the company I worked for about the fact that I was worth more than the head of my department thought of me and thus made me do . The solution of this dilemma could either [banner_entry_middle]

turn into my discharge or ultimately into promotion Unfortunately , I had to face the former . Yet , I got a real lesson for future

In fact , I evaluated my knowledge and skills as those being much higher than my actual chief thought of . For quite a long period of time I was doing certain things , which didn ‘t require special education – running errands , filling different work , checking mail etc However , at some point of time I have realized that I couldn ‘t go on like that , since I had substantially bigger potential than that . The head of my department had a chance to get to know about my abilities because once I prepared an analytical report for the department and presented it to him . I was quite surprise that he ignore this fact and even worsened his attitude towards me . Having noticed this , I decided that I had to somehow show myself from the best side possible in to deserve and get more responsible tasks and have a chance to grow professionally . Yet , I realized that it was necessary to turn directly to General Manager omitting my actual chief . That was a real ethical dilemma , since I had to report not to GM but to my boss . Avoiding direct contact with the latter first , was not very honest on my behalf However , this issue had to be resolved somehow

It is interesting , that this conflict was involving just two people – me and my boss . The latter never gave me a word and was constantly trying to prevent my communication with the Heads of other departments Later on I have understood that he was simply afraid of competition . I was smarter than him , and that ‘s what he fears . As for the other people in my department , it seemed that they feared to say anything or even analyze the situation . My position was quite low in the department , so my colleagues obviously thought that I didn ‘t have the right to show my discontent . Nowadays , I can firmly say that such an attitude is unacceptable , cause it somehow encourages the managers like mine to continue oppressing subordinates . From professional point of view , it is not only unethical but ineffective as well , since oppressed employees are dissatisfied ones . Dissatisfied employees , in turn , cannot work productively , which reflects negatively on the overall performance of the company as a whole . Anyway , my co-workers understood that I was treated unfairly , and they… [banner_entry_footer]

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