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propose and defend a JUST(as in justice) program for dealing with poverty and /or racism int he United States

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There are many ways to view the idea of justice . What is just to one individual may not be just to another . It is easy to imagine a pure capitalist believing that the poor in our society are that way because of the choices they have made in life . The capitalist would hold to the idea that all people have the same opportunity to create wealth for themselves and for that reason alone , it would be unjust for the wealthy to give anything to the poor . In the same society however , a pure [banner_entry_middle]

communist may claim the exact opposite and proclaim their belief that not all individuals have the same opportunity and for that reason , if anyone deserves to be wealthy and benefit from industry , it is the poor workers who should be wealthy and the owners of the means of production who should be poor . The idea that justice is some objective , attainable goal is largely a myth . It is , however , necessary to provide in society what could be conceived of as justice . Namely , a society in which the citizens are relatively equal and there are no outstanding gaps between one group of people and another . This will determine that a sort of society just described is possible and explain what practices must be applied to make that society possible

In his book Capitalism and Justice , John Isbister begins with an examination of the ideals of equality and justice . The importance of dealing with these two concepts in the discussion of a just society cannot be overstated . To find out what is just for a certain society lines must be drawn and it must be determined what it means for individuals to be equal . A definition of equality , in this sense , is part of the necessary foundation of justice . It is not until we as a society determine who , as equals , is allowed to take part in the justice that we can move forward

Isbister claims that justice has three components equality , freedom and efficiency . He separates them as individual attributes but in my opinion , freedom and efficiency are necessarily contained within the concept of equality , and as equality is necessary for justice , for a just society , we need no more than a system set up with one of its fundamental ideals as equality

You cannot claim to have equality if you do not have freedom . If not all people in a given society are free , this implies that there are some individuals that have more power than others and hence are freer than those others . And as for efficiency , which Isbister defines as getting the best out of the available resources ‘ I think this , like freedom , goes without saying . One cannot imagine a society in which the available resources are not being used there is no such thing as a society which has existed on nothing

So the question that remains is , What is justice ‘ To answer this question , I will stick to what Isbister said in… [banner_entry_footer]

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