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Lisa Kirk ‘s article Chronic Fatigue Syndrome ‘ provides relevant information supported by strong evidence about the disease and its impact on patient ‘s emotional state . The article certainly catches attention , because it provides thorough examination , causes and treatment methods of the mentioned syndrome and can be used not only by students , but also by professionals in health care . It means that the provided information is of great importance for disease treatment and prevention (Kirk 2005

The article argues about the origins of the chronic fatigue syndrome or CFS trying [banner_entry_middle]

to determine whether CFS is psychological , hypothalamic or immunological dis . However , CFS can be also the combination of three areas mentioned above . Nevertheless , Lisa Kirk , the author of the article , suggests that all treatment methods are successful and patients may afford them in to be provided with opportunity to manage the copious disease . The author points out that CFS is chronic disease as it requires more than six months of persisting . Kirk asserts that CFS can ‘t be associated with symptomology as well as with other medical conditions . It means that the patient has to provide strong evidence and personal reports to be diagnosed with CFS (Kirk 2005

The author provides the main symptoms associated with the disease suggesting that CFS is characterized by debilitating fatigue , tender lymph nodes , tenderness and pain in muscles , joint pain , postexertional malaise , feverish feelings and finally long-lasting chills . It is noted that CFS may cause psychological effects such as depression and mood lability . Kirk quotes famous researchers who argue that CFS may be genetic etiology or predisposition . Concerning symptoms exposure it is admitted that the syndrome is frequently found in monozygotic twins rather than in dizogotic twins . Actually CFS disturbs significantly the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis . What is more important is the author provides significant correlation between onset of disease and stress intensity (Kirk 2005

The article figures out the primary causation of the CFS dis considering them to be psychiatric reaction to a certain traumatic physiological event . It is hypothesized that many patients undergo physiological symptoms in a negative and catastrophic manner meaning that patients may suffer , for example , from cognitive misinterpretation of a bodily function which significantly limits their physical activities . It can result in perpetuated poor health and under-utilization of muscles (Kirk 2005

The article also deals with the main treatment methods of disease managing . Many researches conducted assert that cognitive treatment one of the best methods used in medicine . According to the article the cognitive treatment is able to provide a patient suffering from CFS with proper information how develop appropriate , healthy responses to bodily functions and how to interpret them accurately . This treatment approach is thoroughly examined by the author stating that it consists of the following steps : education , acquisition of skills , rehearsal of reframed cognitive reactions /responses and generalization along with maintenance Kirk mentions the five assumptions which inspire the cognitive therapy considering that it address not only the emotional and cognitive facets but also behavioral ones (Kirk 2005… [banner_entry_footer]

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