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Sensation and Perception

Sensation is a process by which we detect physical energy from the environment and encode it as neuron signals . Perception is the process by which we select , organize , and interpret our sensations . Sensory adaptation occurs when our sensitivity is diminished due to unchanging stimulus in other words , after constant exposure to a stimulus , our nerve cells fire less frequently (we feel it ‘ less , it becomes almost unnoticeable . Even though sensory adaptation reduces our sensitivity it enables us to focus our attention on informative changes in our environment , without [banner_entry_middle]

being distracted by the uninformative constant stimuli we are bombarded with (like the feel of our clothing , or the sound of street noise

Pain is your body ‘s way of telling you that something has gone wrong It is not just a matter of sensing , but is also a property of the brain However , the pain system is not located in any one simple neural cord connected to a specific part of the brain . There is no one type of stimulus that triggers pain , and there are no specific receptors for pain . At low intensities , the stimuli that cause pain can also cause other sensations , such as warmth or coolness

There is no one pain theory that explains all findings , but there are some useful theories that try to offer explanations . The gate-control theory proposes that the spinal cord contains a neurological gate that blocks pain signals or allows them to pass on to the brain . The gate ‘ is opened by the activity of pain signals traveling up small nerve fibers and is closed by activity in larger fibers or by information coming from the brain . In the cultural differences in pain theory , different cultures understand pain differently and place different significance on certain sensations . One culture ‘s severe pain might be another ‘s minor ache , something that is just accepted as the way it is and thus needs to be dealt with , not allowing it to become a primary point of focus

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