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Psychology Counseling

1 . Three theories best to understand well to make some advice to a problematic person can be considered here . The first is the conjoint theory let us examine how we deal with the definition of this theory in its psychological point of view . That is ‘ It is very important to all scientists that their work is objective , and that events being studied can be observable – by you , by me , by anyone who ‘s interested . It makes it easier to specify what is being studied and how . These events must also [banner_entry_middle]

be repeatable . That assures that you can study an event whenever you want . Events must also be testable and measurable

The easiest way to achieve all this is to define events operationally An operational definition means simply that any concept is identical to its operations . For example , if you talk about the length of your father ‘s moustache , how are we going to measure it ? To find the length of an object we must perform certain physical operations with a tape measure or yardstick

What do you mean when you say ‘I love you ‘ to your boyfriend or girlfriend ? Many things are involved in that statement , but if a psychologist is to study ‘love , the term must be operationally defined If you ‘re in love , it is likely that (1 ) you seek the company of that individual before anyone else (2 ) you will give gifts , such as birthday presents or Valentines (3 ) you will date that person and (4 ) you will do many other such things . Maybe this is just describing the obvious but it should also be obvious that if those behaviors aren ‘t there , you probably aren ‘t in love . The operations , then , define the concept (Kasschau , 1980 , pp . 27-29 )[p . 262]

Second theory to consider is the Strategic theory . Considering this theory one must to know understand this readings a strategy is a long term plan of action designed to achieve a particular goal , as differentiated from tactics or immediate actions with resources at hand Originally confined to military matters , the word has become commonly used in many disparate fields , such as in military case

The third theory to consider is structural theory . This means that the angle in structural takes on the individual ‘s role vis-a-vis the family system . Changes in family structure contribute to changes in the behavior and the inner psychic process of the members of that system . I am currently seeing a client where the family structure /inner personal reciprocal process is so clear – not only in the direction of family structure changes to individual process , but also the other way around as well

Out of the theory discussed here , my decision to what among the theories I prepare to suggest and use to advice Libby , in her decision soon is the Structural theory , which best solution to take accounts for Libby ‘s case . The reason why I should prepare this theory because to make a difference like changes of its… [banner_entry_footer]



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