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Public Administration Theory and practices

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In contemporary , times the functions and task of government is becoming more complex and broad resulting from the vast social and welfare services expected of modern . In time past the functions of government is restricted to maintenance of law and , but 21st century . This functions are broaden to include the rendering of social and welfare services , administration of justices , administration of polices on security administration international relations polices , inter alia . The large political structure of USA further makes the function of the US [banner_entry_middle]

br government more complex . This status , coupled with the fact that it acts as the world police and have a significance and influential status in global police , its administrative functions cut across within its national boundaries and across to over foreign states . Here , it operates as monitor agent or an agent for reconstruction (e .g . in Afghanistan State and Iraqi State

An administrative state for the dissemination of the state is a welfare state that administers its policies through public officials , i .e Public Administrators for the betterment of the life of its ‘ populace In state like the United States that operates a federal state structure federalism according to Elazar (1991 , has to do with the read of peoples yet remain separate to preserve their respective integrities Thus it is through the administrative machinery that this function is carried out . The administrative state caters for the needs of the citizens of the state . It thus , allocates resources according to the areas where they are mostly required since resources are scarce adequate allocation and judicious use is necessary to achieve the state aims and meet the need of the populace . Pareto optimality theory can be utilized by the administrative state , where resources are allocated to enable every one in the state better off , without leaving anyone worse off . A welfare state that seeks to satisfy the need of the citizen is synonymous to an administrative state . And in a federating state , as the United States , the administrative units within the federation is broken down into the three tiers of governmental administrative units these include the federal government , the State government and the Local government . In every of these tiers public administrators carry out the implementation of the policies of the administrative unit within the state

Thus , with the complexity tasks that are facing the government of a state , the implementation of these functions lies with public Administrators . Therefore they face more cumbersome tasks to ensure that public polices are implemented . The functions most public Administrators is a vast country , such as the state of United States , is one that include the preservation of civilization , the implementation of public policies and public laws , the maintenance of government and information storage for the utilization of every government that is in place . One significant attribute of public administrator , as different from those of the politician , is that it has permanency in office . Government may change frequently , but in to maintain consistency… [banner_entry_footer]

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