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Public Relations Campaign

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Proposal for a Public Relations Programme


Problem Statement

To give a brief background of Me-Power , it is an organization which provides residential accommodation to adults with intellectual disabilities . It was established in 1980 by a group of concerned parents and friends of individuals who were intellectually challenged Today , it is the largest community based charitable organization of its type in Australia , and has constructed 60 community based housing accommodation complex services across Australia

The company aims to establish accommodation complexes in local communities and to try to facilitate [banner_entry_middle]

the integration of intellectually challenged adults into their local communities , with a goal to ensure that each person is supported to live as independent and individual a lifestyle as possible . Today Me-Power provides 60 community based housing complex services in communities across Australia , for some 720 intellectually disabled adults . It has a strong track record of sound economic performance , and has a throughout Australia . It has attracted and retained a base of quality staff

Me-Power has announced plans to build a complex for 50 intellectually disabled adults and the team of support that they need in Toowoomba Queensland . In relation to this , letters of complaint have been received from members of the public and it has become apparent that the following are problems the company will have to overcome prior to going ahead with their intended project

Some residents of Toowoomba do not want to have intellectually disabled people living in their area as they feel that this will bring down its class

Some people are concerned that property values will be lowered in the housing estate where the complex is to be located

Some people indicated that local businesses will not be prepared to offer employment to the inhabitants of the proposed complex

On the positive side , the national media is of the sentiment that Me-Power is a credible organization doing good work for people who need help and has published various articles in this regard

It is hoped that through the proposed public relations campaign the company can achieve the following

The stigma ‘ of having intellectually challenged people living in the area can be lifted and the public can realize that having these people in their midst is not going to affect the class of their community . The notion has to be put across that the intellectually challenged can in fact be highly valued important members of society

The idea that the company is a good organization ‘ working for the good of the people needs to be instilled in the minds of the public , and not just portrayed via the media

The idea that property values will come down in the Toowoomba area can be turned around


John Pavlick , in a book named What Research Tells Us , defines research in the following way : `Research is the systematic collection and interpretation of information to increase understanding (Pavlick , 1987 br

16 . This means , in for us to fully understand the extent of what is required of our public relations… [banner_entry_footer]

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