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Public relations

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Public Relations Campaign

2005 Public Relations Campaign

Summary of the campaign

Alice Marshall is a young designer who has just finished making her first collection of clothes for teenagers , and opened a boutique Alice ‘ in LA . She is not well-known yet , that is why it is very important to organize a campaign promoting her modern style and make sure young people get interested in it . The type of clothes Alice Marshall offers is similar to Victoria Secret style and other brands similar to it , so it is very important to emphasize [banner_entry_middle]

in the campaign the advantages of Alice Marshall ‘s style , its uniqueness , and other features which make it the best choice for teenagers who want to look beautiful and sexy

The campaign is created to promote Alice Marshall style and motivate as many teenage girls as possible to buy her clothes . The objective of the campaign is to show to the target group that Alice Marshall ‘s clothes are 1 choice in the market due to the following advantages

Competitive price

Large variety of styles and sizes

Only the most fashionable clothes and colors in the season

Possibility to get advice about the development of your own style

Possibility to return clothes and exchange for different ones

Large discounts for customers buying more than 3 items at a time

10 discount for 2nd pair of shoes bought , 15 discount for 3rd pair of shoes bought

The campaign is created to spread the knowledge about the major styles which boutique `Alice ‘ is offering . The main items which Alice Marshall ‘s boutique offers include : dresses (casual and evening gowns various tops and skirts sports clothes shoes hats swimming suits of different styles numerous accessories . The greatest hit of the collection are high-heeled shoes of bright colors with hand-made flowers . The major colors of the collection include red , blue , orange and white

The main features of the campaign

The main features of the campaign are the following

Name . The campaign bears the name No Girl without Alice Marshall ‘s Clothes

Type . The type of the campaign is the individual behavior change campaign because it focuses on diverting the teenage girls ‘ attention from well-known brands to Alice Marshall ‘s collection

Major objective . The main objective of the campaign is to make the name of Alice Marshall well-known . Other objectives include providing the target group with knowledge about the major advantages of Alice Marshall style , and winning a substantial share of market

Target audience . The target audience in the campaign is teenage girls (15-19 years old ) who are devoting lots of attention to their appearance . The largest part of the target audience consists of high-school students and young college girls

Media vehicles . The media vehicles in the campaign include print television , radio , presentation , and advertising . The most important media vehicles for this campaign are presentation and advertising

In to manage the campaign efficiently , the following schedule is introduced

Providing research on the main channels to attract the attention of youth to the question… [banner_entry_footer]

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