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Questioin & Answer

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Part A

I am interested in researching how children answer math number problems and those that are math word problems . Our brain processes numbers and words differently and it stands to reason that finding out how children processes the math problems differently can help identify the aids that would facilitate better math skills . Moreover , there is the tendency to focus more on the literal meaning of words when used in math problems rather than working purely with numbers . These skills re taught in school and are often reinforced throughout the levels in [banner_entry_middle]

school , it gets more specialized as the one goes through the levels . Learning theories also say that prior learning is important to which complex learning is facilitated , thus if children can master the basics of solving math problems , then they would more likely have an easier time learning higher math . It can be said that students who cannot work with their additions and divisions are unable to understand cognitive constructs like justice , truth and logic

Most children have negative attitudes with math . Even adults admit that math is one of their weaknesses and we often hear of children complain that they do not like math . However , as we also know that math is inevitably a part of our life even after school , even in our own homes we need to deal with numbers and solve problems . And that more than the ability to work with numbers , math offers the training that is necessary for analytical and critical thinking skills which are life skills that each child should develop . Furthermore , conducting this research would also give teachers information on how children work with math problems and whether they are better at solving math number problems or math word problems . This would also help teachers devise math instructional materials that would develop and reinforce math skills and to find ways to make the learning of math more fun than it is at present

The study will be conducted in a local elementary school with third grade students who are already in the concrete stage of cognitive development and Piaget (1990 ) have found that nine-years old are already able to deal with functional relationships and understanding quantities and number relations . Their reading and comprehension skills are also well developed and thus can be expected to comprehend word problems thus , children at this grade are appropriately suited for the proposed research study . After all the ethical requirements for the conduct of such study has been satisfied , the researcher will then chose an equal number of 5 boys and 5 girls to answer two sets of math problem one that is purely in number form and the other one is in word form . They will be covertly observed while answering the problems and each behavior will be recorded as well as recording the time they took to finish the problem . Then after answering the problems , the children will be interviewed to determine their experiences while answering the problems It would tell us the… [banner_entry_footer]

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