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A Local Tale of Global Meaning : the Literary Style of Rip van Winkle

The infamous tale of Rip van Winkle , written by Washington Irving , is renowned globally in this day and age . The name of Rip van Winkle has become a metaphor for someone who is clueless to the important issues of the time . theless , this is most likely because of the general stylistic prowess of the author , for , initially , the story has a very local coloring to it . It is very much place-specific , though addressing issues valuable for all humans . Out of [banner_entry_middle]

all of the literary movements , it is the local color movement that Rip van Winkle belongs to

We can discern that Rip van Winkle is of the local color movement by attempting to apply the text to other literary movements . For certainly , in Rip van Winkle there is no particularly romantic yearning of the spirit . The protagonist never desired to go beyond his limitations , to test his luck and freedom . Instead he is a quiet homebody (p . 6-10 , who merely by chance occurs in strange circumstances (p . 19 , and , once they are gone , rather quickly adjusts to the new routine he finds (p . 60 . This is also not transcendentalist literature in any way – the focus is very much on this side of life , on its commonness and familiarity . Even the spirits of the Catskills quickly find their way into the local mythology , existing as merely good negihbors to the humans (p . 58 . This literature is as this side ‘ as one could find . You cannot really call it realist , either – if , of course , we do not utilize the subgenre of magical realism . Besides obvious supernatural elements , it is in ways exaggerated , the way folklore is . This is the reason the tale is so popular – it is not of one Rip van Winkle the particular man with his own interests and life but the tale of a stereotype , the typical image of millions of men . The story is as if misted over in legend , which does not mesh well with realism

However , all of these elements fit rather well in a tale of local color . Mythology is acceptible , as is the reliance on the nature of a particular brand of people , and even upon the nature of the location (Catskills . The commonness is also expected : such a story needs recognizable elements to be local . Also , a very particular mark of local color ‘ literature is the time this story takes place . Rip van Winkle sleeps through a legendary time : the liberation of America (p 33 . The fact that this is acknowledged , and even made one of the points of focus for the tale is very characteristic of local color , since some of the richest American mythology comes from those revolutionary times Thus , by method of exception and applying the last remaining genre from the list , we see that the tale of Rip van Winkle undoubtedly belongs in the local color movement

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